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You can have a consistently profitable family photography business

And identifiable brand-without the starving artist complex

(even if your local market is over saturated)
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Can you relate to this right now?

You want to be making money from photography but instead you're doing tons of free or low cost shoots and getting lost in a sea of other photographers doing the same.

You're promoting yourself in moms' groups and getting price-shopping clients who don't value your time or talent.

You're constantly worrying during the slow seasons about where your next shoot will be coming from and always worrying about bills.

You've tried mini sessions or giveaways but have gotten few paid bookings and are always unsure of where your next check is coming from.


Here's How My Program Can Help!

Over 3 months, we'll work together 1:1 and as a group to build a strong & profitable business foundation without all the guesswork so you can focus on what you love-making families stronger with your photography. We celebrate each other's wins and learn from each other's mistakes so everyone accelerates their business's growth and so the learning is compounded.

We'll build an identifiable brand based all the best parts of YOU so your business feels like a natural extension of yourself and is intuitive to operate. We'll refine your signature photography style along the way so local moms will know you are the obvious choice. Let's create a brand you're proud of!

From building your investment guide to your style and welcome guide, we create the structures you need in your business to ensure a consistent income and steady bookings. You'll learn all the marketing methods that work for portrait photography, then choose 2-3 to go deep with. By the end. you'll know how to book new clients and nurture the old.


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nice to meet ya!

I'm Stacey

16 years ago, after I did my master's in psychology, I picked up one of the newly released digital SLR's and rode in on that first wave of momtographers  Because I already had a successful baby sling manufacturing company, I knew I needed to build a strong brand identity and find a way to shoot the types of clients who fit into my brand so I could nail my marketing messaging.


Through profitable styled shoots and mini promotions, I built the family photography business of my dreams and we bought our second home in Boulder just 2 short years later. Since then, I have helped dozens of female photographers develop a business and photography style that stands out in a sea of other photographers and consistently makes money. 

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Just Imagine if you could:

Build a stunning portfolio in a matter of months-with clients dressed in exactly the style you love-without having to work for almost nothing and without doing a bunch of free shoots.

Book only ideal clients without paying an arm and leg for ads and without having to serve price shoppers who don't really value your time or talent.

Build the brand of your dreams, a business that looks and feels like YOU, and feel proud to say you're a professional photographer and commissioned artist (and have the bank account and booked calendar to back it up!)

Have an intuitive understanding of marketing so 


kind words

”Stacey has been the most amazing support throughout my journey and she has helped me every step of the way. Her insight, guidance, and expertise are invaluable when it comes to setting up a successful photography business. If you’re looking for someone who will take the time to understand your personal needs and help you reach your goals no matter what, then Stacey is definitely the right choice!”



Amy Poirer Photography


The Inspired Family Photographers Business Accelerator



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here's what ya get

A clear, actionable plan for growing and scaling your business in a way that feels natural and organic to you and your lifestyle-and a group of women dedicated to your success and cheering you on!


A strategy for attracting your ideal clients, an elevated client experience process that is designed to serve clients who value your time and talent, and an investment guide that earns you top dollar, gets your clients photos onto their walls, and feels like a win-win to everyone.


Get ready for a total mindset shift-by the end of this program, you'll have an intuitive understanding of how to run and grow your business on your own. You'll feel a sense of pride when saying you're a professional photographer and commissioned artist-and, best of all, you'll have the portfolio & brand identity you've always dreamed of. 


There is an immense power when a group of people with similar interests get together to work towards the same goal.

So. Much. Value.

$500 value

Two hour 1:1 meeting to get Stacey familiar with your business and style. We'll do a 10-image portfolio review, personalized SEO & website recs, and a social media audit

$2,000 value

8 bi-weekly straight-to-the-point live group lessons designed to take you step-by-step through building a strong business foundation

bi-weekly straight-to-the-point live group lessons designed to take you step-by-step through building a strong business foundation

$2,000 value

8 one-on-one strategy calls with Stacey to get laser focused on your goals and to review work done the previous 2 weeks

$500 value

All the easy-to-use, customizable Canva templates you'll need to elevate your brand & client experience


Private Facebook group for high level support from Stacey, the group, and past students who are killing it in their businesses now.

$140 value

Sweet Bright Being Photoshop Action Set and behind-the-scenes video of a complete spring mini session from start to finish.

Module 01



First up-business 101! Let's get all your ducks in a row (registering as a business, creating an optimized website, bookkeeping, taxes, how to accept payments, business cards, referral program, client gallery and ordering system, etc...)

Taking your own personal branding photos

Defining your position in your local market. In this module, we'll be setting everything up for the most fabulous career you could dream of!

module title

Module 02



Branding is EVERYTHING. Once you have good branding in place, you're able to charge substantially more. Let's make this business a reflection of all the best parts of YOU! By the end, you’ll not just have a business structure in place, but a business with a clear identity and position in your local market.

module title

Module 03



We'll build your investment guide together so by the end, you'll have your session fee, ala carte products, packages, and mini session rates perfectly presented in a beautifully branded menu.  We'll tackle pricing based on consumer psychology to ensure it is appealing to potential clients.  You’ll have an investment guide you’re confident about and you’ll have clients who value your art and are happy to pay what you charge.

We'll go into depth into in-person sales so you can reach the 6 figure mark-this year!

module title

Module 04



We'll do a comprehensive survey of all the main marketing methods that work for portrait photographers, then we'll choose 2-3 that align with your personality to start. By the end, you’ll have sessions in your calendar at your new pricing and a tool belt of marketing strategies you feel confident implementing.

module title

Module 05



This is a fun one! We'll create the journey your clients take from beginning to end. This includes: your response to new client inquiries, your how-to-prepare guide, your new client questionnaire, policies sheet + contracts, what to bring to session, how to greet them, your bribe basket, gallery presentation, print fulfillment, creating a branded packaging & USB for prints and products, delivery, and follow up (client retention). 

module title

Module 06




Mindset is something we cover from the very first meeting to last. We'll rewire your brain through meditation and affirmation, so you start thinking like the successful female entrepreneur you are. Sooner or later, you'll have to confront your fears and hang ups if you want to have a successful business, so we're going to fast track that and look everything in the eye as it comes up . We'll confront your fears and doubts head on, together. I'll be challenging you at times and helping you to be gentle with yourself at other points. 


We'll also cover everything mini sessions, from what to offer, to how to execute, to how to use minis as fuel for booking the rest of the year. This applies to all promotions and by the end, you'll know exactly how to run a successful promotion from start to finish. 

module title


Stacey is an amazing mentor! She miraculously guided me through building a profitable business and defining my own signature style. I have a money-making business I am so proud of today! I highly recommend her!


Chasing Dreams Studio

what they're saying

I am forever grateful to Stacey and her magnificent spirit. I understand my clients and what they want, and how to provide a seamless experience. I would recommend her program to anyone just starting out with their photography business and wants to accelerate their growth or just increase their prices.


Kat Knuth Photography

Stacey has a way of honing in on what's important to you and then making that a feature of your business. She helped bring out the best in me and then showed me how to use those things to build a lucrative business. Best decision I ever made, hands down.


Kellie Mendelow Photography


best value



  • 1:1 with Stacey 2 hr portfolio review/Website SEO Audit/Instagram Audit

  • Bi-weekly group coaching

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group

  • Assigned a "Business Bestie"

  • Canva templates and more!

  • Bonus 1:1 coaching session to fast-track your business growth

Pay in full & save!


most popular



  • 1:1 two hr portfolio review/Website SEO Audit/Instagram Audit

  • Bi-weekly group coaching

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group

  • Assigned a "Business Bestie"

  • Canva templates and more!

  • Bonus 30 minute coaching session to fast-track your business growth

for 3 months

most affordable



  • 1:1 two hr portfolio review/Website SEO Audit/Instagram Audit

  • Bi-weekly group coaching

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group

  • Assigned a "Business Bestie"

  • Canva templates and more!

for 4 months


Frequently Asked Questions

I am just starting out as a family photographer, is this program right for me?

Yes! In this program you'll build strong business foundations that will serve you for many years to come. We cover everything from business 101 to how to hold promotions to pricing and marketing. This program is designed to meet you exactly where you are and get a successful business up and running right away.

I am an established photographer but am not earning the income I need, will this program help me?

Yes! Stacey has worked with countless female photographers at every level of expertise. If you're an established photographer not earning your desired income, this is the program for you. You've mastered your camera and editing, now let's master business! Most family photographers fail in the first 2 years because they simply did not invest the same amount of time and energy into learning business as they did learning the art of photography. This program is designed to build out every aspect of your business so that you can start getting consistent bookings at the price point you deserve and so you stand out in a sea of other family photographers in your local market.

How much access do I get to Stacey?

Stacey offers high level group and 1:1 support to all her students, regardless of what plan they choose. The Facebook group is very active and Stacey is on there daily to answer all your questions and offer advice on whatever you're working on at the moment. Stacey is 110% invested in the success of your business and is dedicated to elevating your brand AND your mindset.

I can't join in on this round but will you offer this again?

Yes! Currently, this program is offered every 4 months. Check back in August for the group designed to get you fully booked for the busy fall season.

How quickly will this program help me make my money back?

Many of Stacey's student choose the 4 month payment plan and then pay it off by the 2nd month! It really depends on YOU! If you put in the time and do the work, you'll be booking sessions at your new pricing very quickly. Talk to Stacey if you need to earn money more quickly for any reason-she'll give you a few side projects aimed at making money as fast as possible. 

I didn't go to school for photography, will this program still work for me?

Yes! Most self-taught photographers just don't realize they need to master the art of business because they believe that how good their photos are equals how many bookings they get and how much they can charge. This couldn't be further from the truth. Stacey has seen many incredibly talented family photographers tank in the first two years because they did not put in the time to learn business. Similarly, there are many ok photographers who are thriving in the market right now because they have a firm grasp of business skills and what they need to do for growth. This program is designed not only to teach you to THINK like a successful businesswoman, but to understand the core principles that drive business success so you intuitively know what you need to do next to grow. You will continue to benefit from this program for years and years to come!

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