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Hi, I'm Stacey

By the time I bought my first DSLR, I had already built and sold a successful baby carrier manufacturing company & was a certidied birth doula and prenatal yoga instructor. I had worked with plenty of pro photographers shooting my baby slings and they never quite captured the feeling of joy that comes with babywearing. So, I asked all the moms in my playgroup if I could practice on them and their babies and soon was getting calls from their friends and family asking if I could take their photos!

From there, I obsessively practiced & invested in education. Over the next 15 years, I refined my style to be the joyful, playful, & bright style it is today. 

I want you to connect with your kids during our session. My goal is always to give you images of the very best parts of your family- something to look to in hard times to remember how strong of a unit you are.

At the session, we'll walk around and I will create moments of connection with fun little games and simple prompts. 

I am a lifestyle family photographer-meaning I set up the poses but then get you feeling comfortable and relaxed, so your very best selves shine through in the images.

Don't worry if you're not comfortable in front of the camera. Don't worry if you have a little boy that pulls faces whenever someone tries to take a picture of him. Don't worry if your baby is fussy or your dog barks too much. I have my special ways of working with families (and pets!) to get them relaxed and feeling like their most genuine selves.

It is important to me that you enjoy these images more than just posting them to socials. I do offer digital negatives but don't want your flash drive to end up in a desk drawer and forgotten about forever. I want them enlarged and vibrant on your walls. I want to create art for your home so your kids have a greater sense of just how much you love them on a daily basis. I include a complimentary in-home session afterwards for us to review all the images from your session and choose just the right ones to flatter your rooms. As a visual artist, I can see what size prints or wall displays will look best on your walls, so it is my pleasure to help you choose just the right enlargements for your home.

Let's create some beautiful art of you and your family! Fill out my form here and let's start dreaming up your 2023 family photos!!!
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Studies show children with family photos displayed prominently in the home have a 30% boost in self-esteem! I want that for your kids. I want them to look at your images and FEEL how much you love & cherish them. I want them to see themselves as beautiful and likeable and so dearly loved. I want these moments of connection I create for you to become a part of your family's self-image. Family photos matter. 
From beginning to end, I want your experience with professional family photography to be the best. From choosing outfits to picking the location, I make sure everything is set up right from the start so you can sit back and relax at the session and just BE with your little ones.

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