Hi, i'm stacey

Photography is a way of being in the world. It is seeing things as they are, in the moment, in brilliant focus.

I feel like I have a super power: I can gather a ray of sunlight in the palm of my hand and splash it all over my subject, illuminating the inherent joy I see in the families I photograph. I get to connect with people in a way I would seldom have the opportunity to otherwise.

When I look through my lens, the simplicity of who we all are in our basic nature becomes suddenly vivid. What I know in my heart, after being a photographer for many years and having worked with countless families, is that the one thing that makes this whole, big, crazy human experience meaningful is the connection we feel with those we love.

I get to witness in a completely open and straightforward way the raw building blocks of what makes life so full of wonder and complexity: the happiness and the joy, the little indulgences, the side looks of adoration as well as the inescapable frustrations, the insecurities and the moments of comforting, the enchantment, the tenderness, and the pure, unselfish giving of oneself to another. This is what family photography is all about. Shining a light on all the light that shines out of and between each of you.

So, yes, I am dreamy and in love with light and love and life and all sorts of other things, too, like birthing and babies and yoga and snowboarding. But, if you came to this page to see my credentials, that would be a little silly, right? I mean, look at a photo and you should instantly know if you want me to be the one to capture you and your family, as you are, at this moment in your lives.



And just in case you really want to know my background, that is sorta interesting, too.

I did my master’s degree in counseling psychology focusing on early attachment at this awesome, amazing, beautiful little university called Naropa in Boulder (yes, in case you were wondering, the Rocky Mts are the gorgeous backdrop in many of my portfolio pictures).

From there, I created a pretty awesome little baby carrier that thousands of moms all over the world are snuggling their babies in as you read this. 

I became a birth doula and a pre and postnatal yoga instructor, and gave birth to both of my babies naturally, at home, and in the water (it really, really hurts but is worth it after you give yourself a little time to forget the pain and enjoy the baby).

I took so many photos of all these little beings I was constantly around at work and at home, that I eventually took an apprenticeship with a wedding photographer and sold my business and went head on and full time into baby and family photography.

I travel around the country to photograph famlies and to do shoots for baby-related companies, I regularly mentor other mothers in business as well as photography(contact me if you’re interested-I take one student at a time for business and photography mentoring).

I have created workshops for women starting out in baby and family photography and am currently working on reorganizing one of my workshops into an online course.

Check the blog for updates on that and all the other happenings in our slightly hippie, crazy-busy, full of laughter, sweet little family.

Photography is a essential part of my happiness. It is my daily practice and my offering to the world. I have discovered that within all the nutty, difficult things that life presents there is a fundamental goodness in every experience and I aspire to see this clearly in my subjects. I design the space for it, I see it, and I capture it. It’s a pretty awesome way to go through life.

xoxo stacey

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