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A Little Nostalgia

I have been working as a Boulder photographer for 15 years. How lucky is that?! It has been such a wonderful journey and I've been grateful for every incredible experience, all my loyal clients, and the fabulous community we've built together over the years. Sorry, had to wipe a little tear from my eye.

As I was reminiscing recently and thinking about getting prepared for the fall season, I came across this little promo video I did for a client just 12 short years ago.

Take a look!

That joyful little girl is now graduating HIGH SCHOOL. High. School. From tea party sweetheart to gorgeous young woman, ready to take on the world.

I think that's been the best part out of all of this. I could point to favorite photo shoots or remember the best locations around Boulder but really, the best part of being a photographer for so long is being a part of my clients' lives like this. I've watched so many perfect little babies grow up into the most amazing young people. I've watched couples have their first babies, second babies, and more.

So here's to many more years as a Boulder family photographer. I'm so happy to be here!

Stacey Potter lives in magical Boulder, Colorado. She is best known for her award winning work in family photography. She also mentors the next wave of brilliant photographers across the country through workshops, shootouts, and private coaching. If you would like to schedule an appointment or obtain more information, please check out Stacey Potter's family photography portfolio and then email or call 303.549.2319.

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