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#1 Mom and Baby Pose Video

Updated: Jul 31, 2020


Now live on Youtube!!!

Today, I will be sharing my #1 tip with you guys for how to pose mom and baby at family photoshoots. As family photographers, it’s important that we make an effort to pull moms into our photos. Even more important, we need to capture that mom and baby connection! Why? Because meaningful images sell! Follow me as I explain my favorite mom and baby poses as well as share some of my own photos as a photographer in Boulder, Colorado. With this tip, you’ll be on your way to taking beautiful and personal images! :)

Like I said before, at your shoot you’re going to want to set aside time to bring mom and baby in front of the camera together. The mom has taken ALL this time to research and hire a photographer that she loves -- and that’s you! Plus, moms are never in pictures. All my moms out there will know that we have hundreds of gorgeous pictures of our babies, but none with us in them. It can sometimes feel selfish or awkward (even though it totally isn't!!!) to ask our husbands or other family members to take a picture of us with our baby. 

That’s why it's so so so important to make the mom a part of the shoot. Moms want beautiful photos to remember them with their babies! By doing this, without a doubt, your print sales will shoot up in the end. 

Ready for that tip?!

I start by having the mom stand parallel to the camera holding her baby. I generally tell moms to just start loving on their baby as they do at home, maybe giving some Eskimo kisses or touching their foreheads. Start clicking away! If the baby is being a little bit fussier and not cooperating, they can always swing them up and down or bring them cheek to cheek. This cheek shot is particularly adorable, and the close-up of the mom and baby’s faces is one of my favorite pictures to take. 

The second image I get is a full-body image. Here, I ask the mom to throw their baby up in the air. During this shot, I’m trying to capture the moment when the baby comes back down. This is the perfect moment to capture because the baby has just finished flying in the air and is so excited to share their enthusiasm with their mom. These smile and joy-filled pictures are so special to capture… And remember, meaningful images sell!

My third and final image is one and mom and baby off to the side. By putting mom and baby off-center in the camera, it creates all this negative space in the photo. This negative space is almost an invitation… Look at all this empty space that baby and mom can fill up together! Using this pose creates a powerful image, and as we know, meaningful images sell. 

Thank you all for joining me as we explored my #1 mom and baby pose today! Sending you love, and remember, those meaningful images sell!! <3

xoxo Stacey

Stacey Potter is a photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Stacey has won multiple awards for her family photography as well as has been featured in several magazines. To schedule an appointment or ask a question, please contact her at 303.818.7757 or email

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