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2 Photographers Shoot the Same Model Tween Edition Video

"2 Photographers Shoot the Same Model Tween Edition"

Video is now live on Youtube!!!

One of the coolest things hands down about being a family photographer is getting to see everyone’s everyone’s individual styles. In this video, my friend and local photographer, Christy Pearson, and I did the “Two Photographers Shoot the Same Model Challenge” right here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! Our model today is my ten-year-old daughter, Amelia, and we will be taking her to three different locations and comparing photos from each one. I mean, what better way to explore how we all see things differently, right?

During this photoshoot, Christy shot using an 85mm lens. My advice to all beginner photographers who are just starting out is that if you have to get just one lens, get the 85!! The bokeh is beautiful and the background is always creamy and gorgeous. For this shoot, I used my 35mm lens which is perfect for tweens. Teenagers love to post their photos on social media, and the 35mm lens mimics an iPhone-style portrait. 

The rules of this challenge were that each of us had two minutes to shoot Amelia at each of the three locations. After we had finished, we compared photos to see how our styles compared and differed! Let’s get into it!!

Location #1: Vintage Car and Truck

Our first location of the shoot was two old vintage cars that were overgrown with ivy. The location is unique, beautiful, and close to home! :) I started by shooting first while Christy waited around the corner. The location was SOOO fun to play with. The combination of vines and old-style cars made it the perfect background for this tween photo shoot. 

After my two minutes, it was Christy’s turn to work with Amelia while I gave them some privacy a little ways down the street. She took advantage of the vintage pickup truck a little more than I did and overall the photos turned out amazing. Even just glancing at them, you can see our varying preferences for poses, angles, and lighting.

When I’m working with tweens and older kids, I ALWAYS give them feedback right away. I think it’s important to acknowledge the work they’re putting into the shoot as well as praise them for doing a great job! Thank you, Amelia! <3

Tween photoshoot in front of vintage car
Tween posing in front of ivy and vintage car

Location #2: Construction Flower Field

The next location we stopped at was a little avante garde. There’s this construction site located in front of a flower field by a park close to my house. At first glance, it may not seem like the most picture-worthy location. However, little hidden locations like this are a fantastic lesson that you can take beautiful photos no matter where you are -- whether that’s in the city or the suburbs. 

Christy said it best: “it’s an example of treasure in plain sight.” :)

Here, Christy got to shoot first and we each got two minutes with Amelia amongst the flowers. 

Tween photoshoot flower field

Tween photoshoot in a flower field

Location #3: Bridge

Our final location of the evening was one that you may have near your home: a bridge! Bridges are a great place to take pictures, especially for a tween! There is lots of room for fun sitting poses, ones leaning up against the railing, or looking over the bridge. 

We finished up our final location just as the sun was beginning to go down, giving us some unique lighting to incorporate into the shoot and a beautiful ending to the video.

Tween photoshoot on bridge

Tween bridge photoshoot

Having finished our challenge, it was fun to reflect on our differing perspectives. Christy was my intern years ago, so while our pictures may have some similarities, it’s still fun to see how different photographers can execute different photo opportunities.

I had an absolute blast doing this challenge with Christy, and like she said, “you can't go wrong shooting out here in magical Boulder.”

Tween family photography

Thanks for tuning in! Sending you brightness and love. 

xoxo Stacey

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Stacey Potter is a photographer based in and around the Boulder, Colorado area. Stacey specializes in family photography, and has won multiple awards as well as has been featured in several magazines. Want to schedule an appointment or ask a question? Please contact her at 303.818.7757 or email

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