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6 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas Video

"6 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas -- Boy"

Video is now live on Youtube!!!

In today’s video, I’ll be taking you guys along for a photoshoot with a six month old boy right here in Boulder, Colorado! Along the way, I’ll be highlighting seven poses that are perfect for family photography, whether you’re just starting out, or aiming to refine your photography skills. :)

My moms out there will know that six months is a great age. At six months, your baby has just become a sitter, and you’re beginning  to watch them interact with the world and use so many new, bright expressions. At your next shoot, use these seven poses to simplify the process. Create a list and just tick them off so you can focus on what really matters: connection with the baby. Why does connection matter? Because meaningful images sell! Say it with me… meaningful images sell.

Pose #1: Sitting

As I mentioned earlier, at six months, babies are newly sitters. A great shot of the baby sitting in the grass is one of my favorite places to start. Keep in mind that the babies may be a little uncomfortable at first -- especially if they have never been on grass before (the world is big and everything is new and exciting for them!). If this is a new experience for them, they may become obsessed or mesmerized which will distract them and make it difficult to get those perfect shots. If this is the case, I like bringing an aesthetic blanket for them to sit on that not only brightens my photos, but keeps them focused as well. 

In order to capture the baby’s attention, I always talk to them, maybe play peak-a-boo around the camera, or have their mom stand behind me as I’m shooting. If the baby is putting everything in their mouth (which kept happening to me during this shoot), I always bring a little roll of ducktape with me. This way, I can just roll a small piece backwards and give it to the baby to play with. This generally grabs their attention and occupies their hands long enough for me to click a couple good photos. This little duck tape trick also allows for more powerful photos where their hands are together as opposed to flailing around or spread out, which may make them appear uncomfortable.

Another option for a sitting pose would be containing the babies. In my case, I have a collection of wooden chairs. I generally bring one (in the right size for the baby I’m shooting for) to use during the shoot. Especially in pandemic times, It’s important to work gently and slowly. Use a lot of eye contact, self-talking, and focus on making them feel safe. 

Baby sitting in grass and blanket

Pose #2: Detail Shots

Six months is a milestone. Because of this, parents love pictures of their baby’s hands and feet. In particular, parents love how little hands are starting to explore new things and interact with the world. In this shoot, I used one of the wooden chairs to help create these detail-oriented photos. I managed to capture a great shot of his dangling feet and hands resting on the arms of the chair. I also managed to snap an adorable detail shot of his hands as he played with a piece of grass. Little details create powerful photos!

Detail shot of baby hands and feet

Detail shot of baby playing with grass

Post #3: Laying Down on Their Belly

Some babies don’t like tummy time, other babies love it. Do my moms out there remember when their baby was that small? Seriously, they grow up in the blink of an eye. For an on-the-belly shot, gently lay the baby down on their tummy where the lighting is beautiful and in a place that is comfortable and safe. Now, just click click click away -- you may not have much time!

Baby tummy time!

Pose #4: Laying on Back

Having the baby lay down on their back is a beautiful pose, especially if you can get the baby to grab their toes. Apart from family photography, I’m also a prenatal and mommy-and-me yoga instructor, and we call this the “happy baby pose.” :) 

To get this shot, go really slow. On this particular photoshoot, I originally tried moving his hands and feet to get the position/pose I wanted. I didn’t have much luck. During this particular shoot, the baby felt uncomfortable and wasn’t working with me from his position laying on his back, so I let go of my attachment to the pose and moved on. It’s important to realize that you can always come back to the pose at the end of the shoot instead of dwelling on it in the moment. 

At the end, I managed to get a really good shot of him looking up at me from his back as his mom was changing him. To do this, I stood right over him and got a magical picture of him looking directly into the camera. Remember that at the end of a shoot you can come back and revisit poses that didn’t work earlier. 

Baby laying on back closeup

Pose #5: Close Up Headshot

A close up headshot is my number one bestselling picture and makes up 30% of all my print sales so PLEASE try this pose. To get this photo, get up really close to the baby and have him down below you. If the baby is not a good sitter, have him contained in his parent’s lap. Have the baby look up at you and focus the camera on the inside of the baby’s eyes. While you’re doing this, walk around them in a circle to get different angles.

Another little trick I like doing is bring a collection of colorful knit hats. I always let the mom pick one out and use it in the close-up photos. The color and aesthetic of the knit hat brings out the babies eyes and adds an extra pop of color to the photo.

Baby wearing a knit hat closeup

Pose #6: Favorite Object Shot

A very intimate and affection shot can always be taken with a favorite toy, blankie, stuffed animal, or other meaningful object to the baby or the baby's family. Tell the mom to bring the object ahead of time, and know what it’ll be so you yourself can get an idea of it in your head. On this shoot, the baby loved wooden spoons (I mean, who doesn’t love a good wooden spoon?). During the photoshoot, I got a couple great photos of his hands as he was playing with them.

Another object his mom brought to this shoot was a book, but it didn’t end up fitting the quintessential childhood feel of my photos. Oftentimes, vintage books are a good choice for photoshoot, but this particular one was a little too big. 

A favorite object shot is a personal picture. Moms love pictures of their baby holding their favorite toy, and I’ve had moms cry over these photos at shoots. Remember, meaningful images sell!!!!

Baby playing with toy spoons

Pose #7: Post-Photoshoot

The last pose is not really even a pose, but what happens after the shoot when you’re looking through the pictures and narrowing them down. Here, you may initially want to pick pictures that will have the most “wow” effect on instagram or look the best compositionally, but ALWAYS poll your photos towards the mother. Remember, she is ultimately the one purchasing them. Take special care to notice the expressions and poses that the mom absolutely loves during the photoshoot. During a shoot, I may take up to two-hundred pictures, but at the end I'll only present 30 of these pictures to the family. These are the thirty pictures I know the mom will love the most.

When I’m doing a shoot, I have to remember to not put pictures in there for myself. I can always grab ones I like for my portfolio later but the mom is the main focus here. 

Mom and baby photography

I hope you guys enjoyed these seven poses for a photoshoot with a six month year old baby! If I leave anything with you, remember to narrow down the photos for quirkiness and cuteness… At six months, you can’t go wrong. As always, sending you love and brightness!

xoxo Stacey

Stacey Potter is a local family photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. Her photos have been featured in multiple magazines and she has won several awards for her family and commercial photography. To schedule your own family session in Boulder or to ask any questions, please contact her at 303.818.7757 or email

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