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Blooper Thursday - Family Photographer in Boulder, CO

As a family photographer that caters to families with younger children + babies, I get to have the most fun at my photo shoots. I am NOT the kind of photographer that stands your family all up in a line and makes them smile pretty at the camera for those perfectly poised photos. You know, the kind that sit in elegant frames on dust free mantles in uncluttered homes.

I am the kind of photographer that sings the itsy bitsy spider in a high and off key tone. I make fart noises at 8 year old boys. I shush newborns and I click at toddlers like I do to my puppy. The photos I take of a family end up in full, bold, big canvases that decorate playrooms and in handcrafted, press printed art books that are taken out over and over again until they gain a permanent spot on the coffee table.

Because the photos are real, and they tell a story about YOUR family. About who you are. Not just what you looked like when…

Because my clients get so comfortable with me, they tend to let loose.

Blooper Thursday is now a thing. I started it. Today, because it makes ME happy. I hope it makes you happy, too:)

Need I say more about why this first photo is an awesome blooper? I love this family. The other two photos are so you can see these girls in their sweetness. The nose picking was just a problem that one time:)

Stacey Potter is a family photographer in Boulder CO + Mid-Coast Maine. To schedule your session or for more information on family photography, please contact (Maine) 207.542.1565 or Boulder, CO) 720.310.0336.

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