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Spring...All of It - Boulder Family Photographer

I am just awful, horrible, terrible, and no good as a blogging photographer. I am not the best at posting my own family photos on the blog, but I *do* post a ton of my family photography on my Instagram page here, so follow me to see our day-to-day adventures <3. We are a super Boulder family-we are outside all the time, doing good for the earth and our bodies and each other. That’s the definition of a Boulder family, right? In my mind, it is. It is what I see in my clients.

This post is PIC HEAVY and may take a moment to load. Be patient-my little family is the best:) They’re pretty cute, too. So, next time you see us on the street in Boulder-you’ll recognize us and say “hi” like we are all famous and beautiful like the Kardashians, right?

I’ll start posting regularly if I could get all my ducks in a row-it takes so much effort+time to post regularly. I LOVE writing though-if I am honest and not all spammy in my posts (bc, yes, I do include a lot of spammy words like “Boulder Family Photographer” in every other sentence to try and get my google rankings up and thus gain more awesome clients), but I do just work the words into REAL sentences:) Then I reveal a whole lot of who I really am.

My husband has no clue. I try to tell him when we are arguing (which is much too often), that if he would only allow me to write down my feelings on the matter, they would make so much more sense. But no. He won’t even read my texts if they’re too long! He is a neurofeedback therapist and behavior analyst, however, and his life revolves around the brain and behavior, so he likes talking, not reading.  I guess I get that. Count how many photos he is in this spring:)

Always print your photos! Nothing’s like having beautiful images all around the house to cheer the entire family up. It just makes you happy, you know, to see the memories of the last season on your fridge for awhile before they go in a box or album.

Soccer girls <3 Amelia started her first year of soccer like a pro!


Finally, after two years of MUD in our front and back yards, we had sod put in! It is gorgeous and luscious and perfect for photos <3

Our friends are getting married! So I took a few pics for them in our backyard. They moved to California last week, and we miss them already.

Mother’s day with my own sweet baby! It rained, so we are a bit wet.

Love to you all! xoxo stacey

Stacey Potter is a family photographer in Boulder, Colorado. To view her family photographer portfolio, please click here. To schedule an appointment or for more info, please contact Stacey at or call at 303.818.7757

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