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My Maternity Photos Personal Project (Part 1)- Boulder Maternity Photographer

As a photographer-a pregnant photographer-I decided that I absolutely MUST do a personal photography project on my own pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy and I am THRILLED. It is a boy!!! I had my other two children at home, in Boulder, and so we did not find out the sex until much later. But now they can tell if you are having a boy or girl at 10 weeks! It is phenomenal! He is super healthy and active and kicking! I get to have monthly ultrasounds at Boulder Community Hospital because I am considered "geriatric" at 38 years old. Omg. Really?

It was MUCH easier to do my own maternity photography in the beginning, when I was full of energy and everything was sweet and cute and it was easy to get around.

Here I am at 15 weeks. You really can't even tell that I am pregnant yet (though of course *I* could tell, this being by 3rd baby and all. I set my camera up on auto and took pictures of myself in Boulder Creek just behind my house (LOVE where I live!!!).

And then we found an awesome hippie bus behind my house and I grabbed my monopod and camera and took these images at 17 weeks pregnant (still can not tell these are maternity! I am on the thin side bc of an autoimmune illness):

And then at 18 weeks pregnant I took the girls outside and set up all the camera settings and told them where to stand and we got these GORGEOUS maternity photos, just on the side of a construction site in Boulder.

Arg, for some reason my harddrive is NOT reading my photos so I will have to come back to this post because I absolutely must get up the info about my fall mini photography sessions (at Wonderland lake and Ncar in Boulder).

Keep a lookout for:

Maternity Self Portraits, Part 2, Coming later this week when my hard drive issues are figured out! Because I have done some really BEAUTIFUL maternity photos since then-especially because I am now 27 weeks pregnant and have a REAL belly to photograph!

xoxo stacey

Stacey Potter is an award winning maternity photographer in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Click to view her full maternity portfolio. To schedule your own pregnancy photos, or for more information on a maternity session with Stacey, please contact 303.818.7757 or email Stacy at

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