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Family Mini Session Webinar Next week! - For Photographers

Psst-use code EarlyBird for 20% off

Webinar signup coming tomorrow-omg, all this new technology is driving me nuts!

For the actual online workshop “Mastering the Art & Business of Mini Family Photography Sessions,” I have had to learn SO many new programs and applications it has been a much slower process than I imagined.

And then I added in a free webinar, to, you  know, get ACTUAL students to sign up for the course (I have 5 so far though, so that is something, but I am aiming HIGH for this).

I am a photographer, teaching other photographers, so my content has to be the most visually stimulating material you’ve ever seen. Yes, I DO think my photos really do that in and of themselves, but it is learning new programs like Google Slides and Canva and the online workshop teaching program that have been slow going.

Oh, and I am doing a video for each lesson (7 in total) so I had to learn movie editing software.

Omg, I wish I could just PAY someone to come over and I will tell them exactly what to say and do and then they do it for me.

I’m serious.

Anyone up for the job? I’ll give you a free spot in the class, which is already super awesome and filled with every tidbit of information I have learned and tried out and practiced and succeeded at for ten years.

So I will be doing my first webinar -5 Steps to Successful Mini Sessions next Thursday at 2pm.

And my google slides for the presentation look AMAZZZING!

Here’s just one page out of like 50.

Because, did you know it takes 50 visually stimulating slides to create a successful and interesting webinar? I did not know this.

I didn’t know ANYTHING about making webinars.

Thanks god for people who write good blog posts about it. I’ve read every. single. one.

Here’s just one page from the webinar, so you can get to know me a bit better:)

So I’ll be posting the sign up for the free webinar tomorrow.

Stay with me during this creative process, I need the encouragement.

In fact, if you love me, be my cheerleader in the comments or on Instagram.



ps. and here’s a cool picture of Amelia just to make my thumbnail on the main page work:

Stacey Potter is an award winning photographer and teaches other photoraphers in Boulder, Colorado and across the United States. She is best know for her baby and family photography work. To view her portfolio, or for more information on  mentoring, please contact Stacey at or call 303.818.7757

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