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Ms. Webb's Family - Boulder Family Photographers

Family Photography Shoot at NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

When we moved back to Boulder from Maine we open enrolled Amelia for school (Boulder Valley School District let’s you pick your children’s school) and we got into the awesome charter school, Community Montessori.

However, literally the day before school started, Amelia decided that she wanted to go to her best friend’s school, so I rushed around to ten different offices and used my awesome power of intention and my witty personality to get her placed in the school of her choice on a day when they were not even answering phones, they were so slammed with last minute details.

And this beautiful woman (here with her absolutely sweet and loving, gorgeous and silly family) was the teacher she ended up with.

I knew she was the perfect teacher for our family right away bc with her first introductory email she sent us a link to a TED Talk on education. And my family is OBSESSED with watching TED Talks, bc who doesn’t want to change the world? And who doesn’t want to motivate their children early on that there really are Ideas Worth Spreading?

We have two little geniuses on our hands, and we plan for them to contribute to the betterment of humankind. Because we know that giving is what make’s one happy. Not acquiring.

So I sent her back my favorite Ted Talk on education.

Amelia had a phenomenal year with Ms. Webb.

I felt so confident every day sending her to school because I knew Ms. Webb would give her the same attention, open heartedness and lovingkindness that I would. She taught her how to think, not what to think. She encouraged her, challenged her, taught her to be a leader, and reflected back to her a confidence that changed her.

She even framed a photo I took of the two of them together early on in the year and placed it on her desk in the classroom.

My sweet 6 year old turned into a proud, compassionate, intelligent 7 year old. She gave this kind of love to my daughter, and for that I am so, so grateful.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the care and love she gave my daughter this year, and was so honored to be their family photographer. Seriously, her boys were so sweet and had so much of her in them I wanted to give them back all the love their mother gave my daughter this year.

hey were such a happy family filled with joy.

Oh-and the best part-instead of my normal assistant, Christy, I brought 7 year old Amelia to stand behind me and make fart sounds and pretend to pick her nose to get the boys to laugh and she did the best. job. ever.

They are just an outrageously beautiful and joyful and smart family and I am thankful that in a city full of the best photographers, I got to be the photographer to capture this family.

So, even though Ms. Webb did not know Amelia was coming, she had brought her a little gift (Lavender. Which we have already killed bc we can never keep our plants alive but it’s ok bc we are really into making homemade soap this summer and dried lavender is perfect in soaps:), and she was happy when I asked if I could please take a photo of her and Amelia together. <3

So, thank you, Ms Webb, for taking such loving, thoughtful, and probably exhausting care of my daughter all year.  There are no words to describe the influence you’ve had on her.

I can only say she is changed because of you.

And when she DOES end up helping the world some day, we won’t forget what you contributed to her upbringing.

If only all teachers were like you, the world would be a better place.

With lots of love,


Stacey Potter is one of the best Boulder photographers. With her award winning family photography, she captures the essence of childhood and the true connection each family shares. To find out more, or to book your own family photographer session, please email or call 303.818.7757 Her summer availability is limited but there are several photography session dates still open. Please contact to inquire about a session for your own family now. 

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