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Boulder Photography Family Spring Mini Sessions are here!!!

Mother’s day is approaching fast. Dads-I know how hard it is to get that Mother’s Day gift to be just perfect. It has to be both sweet, caring, something she would love absolutely, and something that will show how much you appreciate her. Moms do A LOT, and they are often the ones taking the photos-not in them.

As a mother and a photographer, I make it a point to get family photography done twice a year so that my children will one day be able to look back and see how beautiful + young I once was, how very much I loved them, but mostly bc I am always BEHIND the camera and never in the frame. Sound familiar?

Perhaps forwarding this to your husband won’t be too obvious. Or maybe it will be just the perfect kind of obviousness:)

Mini sessions are awesome.

I know that not everyone can afford the full session, but love my photography and want to have it on their walls to brighten up their homes.  These mini photography sessions take place in Boulder only twice a year, so the deal is a sweet one that includes prints ready to be framed and displayed to beautify your home. These photography sessions are perfect for those of you who want fine art portraits of your children, but at a much reduced cost.

Or, you may have a baby and want photos more than once a year to document the extraordinary changes during these first two years of life.

Or, your husband will only agree to a half hour session because sometimes dads are not totally into getting their photo taken.

Or your kids are the kind that warm up quickly to new faces, and will jump right into the photo session, no warming up period needed (I am usually great with all kids my MA is in early childhood attachment and development so that means I know all the tricks for creating a safe, comfortable, fun, awesome, silly, loving session for them that highlights not just their unique personalities, but also the connection between you guys as a family).

Full sessions are also available. These are perfect for families with children that take a bit of time to warm up to new people, or perhaps they are super wild and we need a little extra time to get them to point all that energy towards the excitement of the photo shoot.

Full sessions are also better for large families (more than 3 children), because it will give me enough time to get photos of everyone individually, siblings together, the entire family, etc…

Full sessions are more customized to YOU. We choose the location together, and go into depth about exactly what you are envisioning.

If you have questions about which type of session might be best for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email so we can chat a bit about what is the right fit for your family.

Boulder, Co Mini Family Photography Session Dates – Stacey Potter Photography


Wonderland Lake, Boulder, Co

30 Minutes Includes:

10-15 beautifully hand edited images in an online gallery from which to choose:

2 11×14 art prints

5 5×7 prints

Additionally prints & digital negatives can be purchased separately.

Call me now at 303.818.7757 or email me at

Once you schedule, I will send you all the fun info on how to prepare, what to wear, what to expect, etc…

Please do email or call and let me know at least two or three dates/times you are available so that I can fit everyone in. Extra spots may be opened for those of you doing immensely outrageous and fun things those weekends. These can be scheduled either earlier in May, or near the end of May/beginning of June.

Friday, May 12th




Saturday, May 13th




Friday, May 19th




Saturday, May 20th






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Stacey Potter is an award winning Boulder family photographer. She is known for her joyful, bright, and natural family and babyphotography. To schedule your family photography session, please contact Stacey at 303-818-7757 (Boulder) or email

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