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Cutest. Baby. Ever. - Boulder Baby Photographer

Boulder has an disproportionate number of gorgeous people. It’s true, you walk down the street in Boulder and it seems everyone is just naturally beautiful. Maybe I notice it more because I am a portrait photographer and it stands out to me, but even Travel & Leisure agrees that Boulder is the #2  city in the country for beautiful people. Here is an example of this beauty:

But what is beauty anyways? Psychologists studied it (bethcha didn’t know I did my master’s in psych, focusing on early childhood development, so of course the natural choice was to became a baby photographer:) and found that people subconsciously judge facial symmetry to be the definition of beauty.

To me, it is in the eye of the beholder. Adam (my husband), is absolutely handsome-except he had his nose broken several times in football when he was young.

So as he has aged his wrinkles became totally asymmetrical. And he’s Scottish, so the wrinkles set in young. But it just gives him personality. And anyways, the deep smile wrinkles around his eyes would make anyone think he was good looking bc they just scream out that he is a happy guy. So I guess I see deeper (not to be cliche here) and really see how inner beauty is displayed externally.

This is on my mind, I think, because I am creating a video on Sunday to teach other baby photographers certain tips and tricks of the trade, which will be part of a workshop for other photographers that I will introduce in August or late July. (I am also creating a workshop in Boulder, Co for mom’s who want to learn how to use their cameras to photograph their babies, but that will not be until September).

I went in the backyard today, set my camera to HD video, and filmed myself talking for a few seconds and thought “Oh no, I can’t do this video, I look awful and asymmetric.”  You can’t photoshop the flaws out in video like you can in portraits.

I told my husband. He wrapped me up in his arms and did not tell me I was gorgeous, but that I was smart enough to see things clearly if I just brushed away some of my childhood cobwebs and really looked.

I settled down a bit. It’s the lingering byproduct of growing up as a girl in America. My own daughter, 7, is so beautiful in my eyes, and I want so much to spare her all the self hatred and body shame so many of us experienced growing up. I am working really freaking hard on that one, but it really starts with me as an example right?

So, I got that off my chest! It needed to come out. I am doing this video and I am thrilled and no matter how I look I am smart and talented and have a gift to share with others. Who really cares how pretty I am anyways? Everyone’s too worried about how pretty they are.

So back to this baby. We did an incredible shoot last week. Why was it incredible?

Mom was totally prepared. She brought awesome props (teepee, flowers, books, blankets, a rocking chair, etc… and cute vintage-y outfits for the baby. But mostly because she brought a happy, squealing, curious, sweet and good natured baby after a nap and good feeding. And then of course we had the beautiful backdrop of Wonderland Lake in north Boulder.

This family is so in love with their baby, and every photo absolutely shows it.

I loved every. single. one. of their photos. I just adore this family + baby and hope they choose me to be the photographer that documents her growth and life <3

Omg. This picture.

That open mouthed smile. Love it!

This may be my favorite one, because she is reaching out to me, as if to say “Look at this wonderful, brilliant world! Stop fussing about if you’re pretty enough to make a video and just spread your love.”

I think I will take her advice:)

I’ll update you Sunday evening if I am not totally wiped from the video shoot. Just planning it is making my head spin.



Stacey Potter is an award winning baby photographer in Boulder, Colorado. She is best known for her newborn and baby work. To view her full baby photographer portfolio, click here. To book your own baby session or for more information, please get in touch. Email or call Stacy at 303-818-7757

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