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Family Mini Session Workshop Sneak Peek - Boulder Family Photographer

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As a photographer, I have to tell you I have NO idea what a family shoot with me actually looks likes from other’s points of view. So getting the video footage of this family mini session has totally enthralled me and made me so happy to see how fun and easy I make it look.

Because during the session, in my mind, I am working my @ss off and feel like I am sweating and mumbling and rushing to get in every shot I want to get (and all the shots that just spontaneously occur, as you will see in this video).

But, looking at the footage – it is a beautiful thing.

I am really connecting with the family and especially the kids.

I never know what my assistant or the parents are doing behind my back, so it is AWESOME to see them bobbing up and down, clapping, sweating their butts off so that they get that perfect smile from their baby.

I am totally in love with this family, their happiness, their love for each other-every little thing about them that makes them unique and makes the photos original and one of a kind.

Even though it is a 30 minute mini session and I take each family to the same exact three spots within 100 feet of each other, I still always get unique photos.

Like this one. I DO NOT get this shot at every session (though a lot of my dad clients seem to be training their babies to be in the circus):

There are photos in this little video sneak peek for my mini session workshop that are posed and intentional, and many that are not.

So that is just ONE thing I want to teach you.

How to get all the posed, happy-authentic-smiling-at-the-camera photos, but more importantly, the shots that are so full of life and so them.

Included in “Mastering the Art and Business of Family Mini Photography Sessions” is a full length video tutorial, with settings, and ALL my tips and tricks.

Once the REAL editor is done with creating the video, the workshop will be ready to go!

Every imaginable psd template, form email, marketing strategy, pricing strategy- EVERYTHING is included.

I seriously held nothing back in this photography course, and am giving every inch of my heart & soul to this project bc I see so many (sorry!) cheesy mini sessions being done out there by incredibly talented photographers and I want to help them give their clients the same beautiful, original, joyful, non-stressful, lovely, unique images that I give to each family I photograph.

Official registration starts this weekend, and early bird pricing applies until June 30th, 2017. (See yesterday’s post for all the course outline and workshop pricing)

So if you are a photographer and want to give your clients the very best of the best (and make A LOT of money doing so), this workshop is for you.

Check back Monday for details on how to register.



Stacey Potter is an award winning photographer and teacher of photography in Boulder, Colorado. She is best know for her baby and family photography work. To view her portfolio, or for more information on workshops or mentoring, please contact Stacey at or call 303.818.7757

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