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FREE Webinar Dates Added - 5 Steps to Successful Mini Sessions - For Family Photographers

5 steps to successful mini sessions -free webinar

For Family Photographers- Beginning to Advanced

stacey potter photography – boulder, colorado

To enroll for the free webinar, click on the date + time of your choice (seats are limited).

Once you click on the link to choose your date, it will direct you to convert it to your own time zone. Which is awesome.  I, personally, always get confused.

OMG!!! The webinars are going so well!!! Everyone is LOVING the content, leaving AMAZING reviews, and wining some INCREDIBLE prizes at the end:)

I am so behind on everything else in my life bc I am LOVING giving these webinars.

I believe in community among photographers, not competition.

*And yeah, I want to you to take my course, too: “Mastering the Art & Business of Mini Family Photography Sessions” a how-to course with every detail already done and taken care of for you, and with every piece of information needed to hold successful family photography mini sessions and makes LOADS of money doing it. With a simple formula that took me TEN years to develop. And every. single. template you could EVER need to do them. Form emails, too!

And I am really happy sharing this formula. I am living my dream life and I know that so many of you talented photographers out there can too-you just needs some smart tricks + tips about the business and art aspect of it and then you’ll be ROCKING it. So by taking the course, you get EVERYTHING from start to finish to make $20k in 4 weekends of mini family photography sessions.

But I am also so happy to just be sharing these tips ad tricks in this simple webinar. I hope every single person walks away with something that makes them wildly successful with their own mini sessions, or even full family photography sessions.

The photo below is just a tiny sneak peek of the AMAZING promo video my office manager and I made today. I will post it tomorrow <3

Much love to you all.



Stacey Potter is an award winning family photographer and mentor/teacher of family photography. To schedule a mentoring Skype session, or for more information on mentorship options, please contact Stacey at 303.818.7757 or email  

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