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How to Pose Family Holiday Cards Video

Looking to take some gorgeous and meaningful family holiday cards? Whether you’re a beginner photographer looking to build your skill, or a more experienced family photographer trying to hone your skills, these following poses are a great photography resource. Family photoshoots can be challenging, but using these photo poses are some of my personal favorites if you want to shoot powerful images. So, follow me on this Boulder, Colorado family photoshoot to learn how to take your own beautiful holiday card pictures!! 

For a more detailed video-guide, skip to the end of the video embedded above (approximately 13:06) to follow me on one of my own family photoshoots in beautiful Boulder, CO!

Without further ado, here is my #1 family pose for holiday cards:

In order to take some of my best family pictures, I like to begin by first posing and situating the parents without the children. I generally have them stand as if it were an engagement photo, and tell them to get all lovey and hug each other. After they’re in position, I pull the kids aside and whisper to them, “Mom and dad don’t know, but....”. Now is when I encourage the kids too, when I say so, all run up and give their parents a big hug or gently slap or jump on them. These photos are a gorgeous moment of genuine surprise, happiness, and laughter. Not to mention the intimate and meaningful shots of the parents pulling their children closer after all is said and done. 

If you’re looking for some other possibilities, I like to get some photos of the children running around their parents in a circle. Another beautiful shot is one of the kids sitting down by their parent’s feet. All these poses create powerful and meaningful photos, and we know that meaningful photos sell!

Thanks for tuning in for these holiday card photo shoot ideas! As always, sending you love and happiness. 

xoxo Stacey

Stacey Potter is an award wining family photographer who is based in Boulder, Colorado. Her photos have been featured in several magazines and she has won multiple awards for her work. To schedule an appointment or ask her a question, please contact her at 303.818.7757 or email

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