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Jasper, Zephyrin, and August {Belfast, MA + Boulder, CO Family Photographer}

This was a sweet little mini family photography shoot that I did in Belfast last week. The weather here in Maine has stayed surprisingly warm compared to a lot of the country (like Boulder right now, covered in snow), so we were able to have happy, fun, not-all-zipped-up-and-hidden-in-coats-with-snow-and-more-snow family photos. We scheduled this session for Saturday, and then the wind came through so hard that we needed to push it one more day. The wind zipped through and stole all the gorgeous yellow leaves and brilliant colors of fall. But you know what? That is perfect. These are perfect. The colors in these photos somehow go with this family. Like the blues and greys and brown bring out something sweet and peaceful about who they are. With mini sessions, it is more difficult to get to know a family. To play with the kids and get them all silly and comfortable. But with this family they were all just so happy with each other, and so we got these. I wanted to post all of their photos here.

And they’re from Belfast. Which is where I wanted to move originally. Don’t get me wrong, Camden and Rockport are great and we have the most fabulous little harbors here. And Camden is especially nice for photos shoots-downtown is full of colorful buildings and dinghies and rolling hills and stone walls and beautiful ocean. But Belfast in more like Boulder with it’s co-op and hippies and cohousing and vegetarian options at every restaurant.

The first time I went to Belfast was for some kind of walking performance event. They had musicians and magicians and all sorts of performers doing their thing at different places all around downtown. And we walked from one thing to the next. My kids especially loved the little theater in Belfast with balcony seating. So, it is more like Boulder in those ways. I love all the little towns along the coast. Each one is so unique and has its own personality.

We are leaving for a Thanksgiving trip this weekend, so I have much to do to prepare…


Stacey Potter is a photographer from Boulder, Colorado, and is currently living in Mid-coast Maine. She specializes in family, child, baby, and maternity photography, and is best known for her newborn photography. To schedule a session or for more information, please contact

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