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Jupiter {Family Photography}

When I schedule a photography session and I chat with mom or dad (or sometimes Grandma), I try to get to know the family a bit. It is true personality I aim to capture, not just who I think your family is based on first impressions.

So I always ask about pets. I have photographed newborns snuggled into their huge family dog, kittens riding in bicycle baskets, a frog, horses, hamsters, lizards and even mice. And more. But especially dogs, because they are real people, you know. I had a session a few years a/go and the family dog died and suddenly those images that I captured of them with their sweet dear first child (dogs are definitely our first babies. Good for training and preparing us for the craziness of parenthood) were priceless. So here is our new puppy, Jupiter. He is very, very loved by all of us already. Half Saint Bernard, half Pitbull. Yeah, he's gonna be BIG! Look at those paws. 



Stacey Potter comes from Boulder, Colorado and is a family photographer known for her newborn lifestyle photography. Please visit her Facebook Page for more info.

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