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Looking for a Boulder Family to Model - Boulder Family Photographer

Boulder Family Needed to Model in Exchange for a Free Photography Session, with Digital Negatives included, with award winning Boulder Photographer, Stacey Potter

I am finally getting back to teaching workshops! As a photographer, one thing I LOVE is teaching other photographers, especially moms who have the eye and are just starting out as photographers and need a little guidance.

So, I am looking for a beautiful, lovely, happy, free spirited Boulder family to model for a video tutorial I am including in my workshop “The Secret to Successful Mini Sessions,” which I will be offering starting in August to photographers around the world.

The session will be held at Wonderland Lake in Boulder, Colorado, this weekend (!).

Basically, I will do everything I do in a normal session-get goofy with the kids to get them comfortable, go through every pose I do, get beautiful photos of you and your little ones, and capture stunning, light filled portraits for your family & art for your home.

If interested, you must have at least two children, preferably at least one of them young (0-3 years of age), with good temperaments or sweet personalities, living in the Boulder area or be willing to pack up your family at the spur of the moment for a road trip to Boulder for an incredible session with me in which another photographer/videographer will be filming me as I show all my little tips and tricks to get authentic, joy-filled photos of your family.

It will be fun, the photos will be stunning, you’ll have art for your walls, and your family will have a wonderful and slightly hilarious time.

If your family or someone you know might be interested, please contact me with the ages of your children, a photo of your family, if you are willing to sign a model release, and what evenings you are available this weekend (the photography shoot will start at about 6pm to get that incredible, golden light that you see so often in my photography). Please email me at or feel free to comment below.

Thank you! And whoever you are, I am excited to meet you and your family!



Stacey Potter is an award winning family photographer in the Boulder, Colorado area. To book a session for your own family, or for more info, please contact or call 303-818-7757. The best of Stacey’s family photographer work can be seen here.

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