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Mastering the Art & Business of Mini Family Photography Sessions - Online Digital Course

Mastering the Art & Business of Mini Family Photography Sessions

with award winning family photographer, stacey potter

Ok, family photographers interested in this online course:

(if you haven't registered for the FREE mini session webinar yet, please CLICK HERE.

I have made a definitive decision.

I am going to accept applications for this course and not leave the registration open to just everyone.

I have SO much to teach you, and I am going to take you step by step through this process of setting up your mini sessions so that you can make a TON more money, work less, and still LOVE what you do.

I want to hold your hand and walk you through this process and that is a TON of work for me, being in constant contact with you guys, doing one on ones, live teachings, being available for you on a Saturday night when you're holding your minis and you are getting stuck and need to text me really quick- I want to BE THERE for you.

I am SO invested in my students success, and there is already a huge demand for this course (SO excited about that, btw!!!!), so I would like to keep the numbers low so that I can really work one on one with you.

I'll keep the study along option open, though, for those of you who just want to dip your toes in all these EXTRAORDAINARY ideas and learn how to hold successful mini sessions.

The Master Class is for those of you who really want to change the way you do business.

You recognize that the world is not the same.

Your family photography business may not be doing as well as you may have hoped.

You may be like me, and need to work less out of necessity.

Or (like me, too!), you may have little ones you want to stay home with.

Or you just want to work less because who doesn't, right?

For whatever reason, you see how mini sessions are the avenue to your goals. You have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your client's world and how social media is changing EVRYTHING and you are business savvy enough to know that you need to change your business model along with the world if you want to succeed.

I HAD to figure out a way to work less (I have an autoimmune illness and little children AND I am a single mom).

So over the course of 12 years, I have developed this step by step blueprint to walk you through every. single. step. of your mini family photography sessions.

I've done everything wrong and then reassessed and then did everything RIGHT.

So I can pass on EXACTLY what works and what doesn't.

And it's not just info.

This course is PACKED with templates, emails, and guides to help you with every aspect of your mini family sessions.

From creating the flyer and marketing, how/who/what/where/when exactly to hold your mini sessions, to the follow up, travel minis and year round success, this course leaves NOTHING out.

So, stay tuned! I will be announcing when the registration will be opening soon!

In the meantime, if you have not registered for my FREE webinar, please click here to do so!



Stacey Potter is an award winning photographer whose base of operations is in Boulder.

She teaches family photography workshops, classes, and digital courses online and locally. For more info on her current course, Mastering the Art & Business of Mini Family Photography Sessions, please click here or contact Stacey's team at or 303.818.7757 with any questions about the mini session course or how to book a local Boulder client session with Stacey!

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