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Mini Family Photography Sessions – then Boulder!

There are still a few mini family photography sessions available this weekend, May 20th through 22nd. And then we are moving to Boulder, Colorado! These mini family photography sessions include 30 minutes of family fun-laughing, playing, and not-so-posed family photos as well as individual-anything I can photograph in that short time, 10-15 beautiful edited images in an online gallery from which to choose: 2 11×14 art prints + 5 5×7 prints. This is a pretty awesome deal, if I do say so myself. It is a great way to get amazing family photos as a fraction of the normal cost. Plus, my family and I are moving back to Boulder in just one month! So, if you have loved seeing my photography while I have lived here these two short years, book a mini session before I leave:) I will be coming back periodically to visit however. Adam is creating and will be implementing some programs on emotional regulation for the schools here, but our trips will be few and far between. Boulder is a long trip from here with two children.

Should you choose a mini family photography session or a full photography session? Here are some things to think about:

-Are your children slow to warm up? If so, a full family session is better. It will give me time to play with them and be silly. Some children start really interacting with me after 45 minutes or so. If your children are the kind that love to jump right into things, a mini will totally work.

-Do you have a larger family? 3+ children? Do you want to include grandparents? If so, a full family photography session gives us more time to make sure we get all the photos you want. One to two children? A 30 minutes should give us plenty of time to get beautiful photography of the whole family, the children individually, and anything else you want.

-Do you want family photos more than once a year? If so, several full family photography session can add up $ quickly. Doing several mini sessions a year makes it more affordable.

-Love my photography but it’s out of your price range? A mini is the perfect, affordable way to capture your children + family at this stage in your lives. You still get beautiful photos + prints to display. And that is priceless.

Contact me with any questions!

Stacey Potter is a family and children photographer in Boulder, Colorado. To schedule one of her family photography mini sessions, call Stacey Potter Photography at 303-818-7757. You can also send an email inquiry through her website or directly to

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