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My Best Photography Is... - Boulder Family Photographer

Full of LIFE. Full of soft clear streaming lovely light or sometimes bright and maddening light or sometimes the light of the photo is cold and sterile but the real light comes from within the subject. Light that is sometimes whispy and other times breezy but always it is about the light. The light I see in babies and children and a family. The light that comes out of a laugh. The light that fills up and pours out of a touch.

So I capture these things, and that is what I love best about doing photography and looking at photography.

I am going through ALL of my edited session photos right now. It has taken me two full days to go through 2/3s of them. I have narrowed down the choices for my new photography website to 423. But I think I will look at all these photos tomorrow and will be able to narrow them down to the sweet little number of 75, which sounds like a good number for a photography portfolio, right?

It is much more, I am seeing, than choosing the photos that I think will appeal to the clients in Boulder + Maine + San Francisco who will hire me as their photographer. It is about me choosing the photos that I want to take more of.

I can take a great portrait, no problem. I can line a family up and make them look pretty and smile at the camera. Yeah. That’s not really want I want to do, though.

I want to do photography that breathes. That tells a perfect moment. That tells the essence of things.

I’ll post a ton more photos tomorrow, maybe even try out the new photography website’s neat gallery slide show tool.

Tonight it is late and I have spent too much time looking through photos of all my awesome clients and the photos are making me miss Boulder too much.  I am off to bed. Here is one photo, though, that is very simple and breathes and tells a perfect story in and of itself. I love it.



Stacey Potter is a family photographer in Boulder. She is best known for her work with newborns and offers mentoring for other photographers. To inquire about photographer mentoring or for more information on family sessions, please contact her via Facebook here or call (Boulder, Co) 720.310.0336 or (Camden, ME) 207.542.1565

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