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Spring Mini Sessions are Here!!!! Boulder Family Photographer

spring mini family photography sessions 2018

boulder, colorado

newborn, baby, child, and family photographer, stacey potter

(scroll to bottom to go straight to the family photography mini session sign up details)

(above, Wonderland Lake)

Spring is here and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe deeply again.  I am taking my camera everywhere and getting a TON of nature photography-it is just *too* beautiful in Boulder right now not to be awed, right? My entire street in north Boulder is filled with brilliantly flowering trees and the kids and I are hiking in the mountains every day.

I would MUCH rather be photographing families right now, however, so I am *finally* announcing my Spring Mini Family Photography Sessions here in incredibly-mind-blowing-beautiful Boulder for the next month!

I put this off for a bit, but received so many requests for Mother’s day gifts + giftcards that we’ve decided it is a better idea to offer mini sessions this spring-and as soon as possible. After all, this is exactly the gift I would want my husband to give me for mother’s day. But although his wife is a photographer, a family photographer for 10 years, he *still* thinks I really want a vacuum or blender or red roses (I have always strongly disliked red roses just bc they are overdone-and he knows this!) for mother’s day.

No! Photography is the #1 gift you can give to your wife (or give yourself by sending the link to this post to your husband via email, text, and/or any other app you use;).

It is a gift that lasts your entire lives, that you get to enjoy and love more and more as time goes by (and it goes by too quickly-my 13 yr old, Elijah, is now as tall as me! Outrageous! I am 5’8″) and it is a gift that tells your wife that you see how she takes ALL the photos and is rarely in them, that you value her as a mother (it’s REALLY hard to give birth, too). You just can not go wrong with anything photo related for Mother’s Day.

(above, NCAR)

So, what is a mini family photography session? 

Mini family photography sessions are unique in that they are half the time of a regular photography session (just 30 minutes for a mini vrs 1-2 hours for a full family shoot) and the cost is much, much less than a full session, which is tailored to your exact vision-place, time, props, etc…

Family photography is an art in which you commission a photographer to create your family portraits. There are so many photographers out there that can take a clear picture (if you have a DSLR, you know that if you take 200 pictures, one might turn out great, right?), but you want beautiful, light filled, joyful, authentic family photos and that is why you are reading this now.

As far as photographers in Boulder go-there are a lot of *really* amazing ones. Boulder has some of the best photographers.

There are also *many* photographers here that are not photographers at all, and I can’t go into that or else this post becomes a book on why family photography is an art, not a service;)

(above, NCAR)

I know that while my prices are in line with other Boulder photographers of equal skill, still not everyone can afford a full session. That is where my mini family photography sessions come in.

I do them biannually so that families who might not normally be able to afford commissioned art can still get beautiful artwork for their homes.

I have a lot of clients that *only* do the mini sessions and do them twice a year to get photos more frequently (especially families with babies and small children).

Or, a new client might book to simply see if I am the right photographer for their family’s journey through life. Does that sound lame? I mean only that once you have found that *one* photographer who’s photos speak to your heart, you usually stay with them throughout the years, allowing their vision, which is so closely weaved in with yours, to document + celebrate the growth and changes in your family’s life.

In order to pass on *really* good savings to you, I book them back to back. This means there is less time for any fussiness and shyness, because a shorter family photography session is fast and doesn’t allow for a “meet and greet” time. Don’t worry, though,  kids love me off the bat:)

Mini sessions allow for you to spend 30 minutes playing around in a beautiful outdoor space with your family while I capture all the little things-the sideways smiles, the look of adoration on your daughter”s face, your baby’s little toes.

I do move you through a series of poses and places, but once you are there I get you laughing and having fun and those are the moments I capture.

You may be worried about not being able to get any good images of your little wild ones in just 30 minutes time? Doing quick but authentic and unique mini sessions is actually something I am an expert on. I even teach an online course on the subject with a full posing guide video and lookbook for other photographers. (I am also releasing “Intro to Baby + Child Photography For Mothers” next fall-if you are interested contact me asap and I can get you in with a sweet discount).

Mini sessions are fun, they can be hectic, your kids will absolutely have a good time and get a treat at the end (bc I believe in bribing kids for photo shoots 100%), your baby might be fussy-anything can happen but no matter what, I work with it and get the most brilliant images of you and your children and am still able to get all the images you want in that short time bc I have done these so often.

So, here we go! The schedule is as follows (email me at a few dates that work for you, or, call me at 303.818.7757 to request a different date or if you’d prefer a full session).

(above, Wonderland Lake)

All the information you need to schedule is below. Once you email me a few dates and times that might work for you, I will send you all the fun info on how to prepare-what to wear, bring, expect, etc…

Please be sure to let me know if there is a date you’d like to schedule a mini session that is not listed here. I have a few days I would love to use as mini session dates but am not sure what works for everyone else.

*Times are subject to change slightly based on what I see the sun doing that week. I will notify you of any changes a few days before when I confirm that you’re all set for the session, and it will not be more than a half hour’s change:)

$200/30 Minutes/10-15 beautifully edited images in an online gallery to share with family or on social media/two 11×14 mounted art prints, sprayed with UV protection that will last up to 5 generations/an awesome time, guaranteed, even for dad’s that are SUPER not into it (I’m not cheesy!):

wonderland lake (north boulder) 


12th 5:45pm, 6:20pm, or 6:55pm

18th 5:45pm, 6:20pm, or 6:55pm

ncar (south boulder)

19th 6pm, 6:35pm, and 7:10pm

20th 6pm, 6:35pm, and 7:10pm

26th 6pm, 6:35pm, and 7:10pm

Keep in mind, these sessions fill up fast. I usually get around 30 requests for these, and can only do about 15, so if a spot is important to you, please do get in touch with me soon and I can reserve you a slot even if you don’t know what dates you can do it yet.

Looking forward to these!!!



Stacey Potter is an award winning photographer in Boulder, Co. Her photography has been featured in many magazines and she hold frequent online and in-person workshops to other photographers.

To schedule a session with Stacey, or to learn more about her family photography, please look at her family photography portfolio or email or call Stacey directly at 303.818.7757. Stacey travels throughout Boulder County and across Colorado.

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