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Summer {Camden Family Photographer}

Well, here I am, back in Maine! I am sitting at the Rock City Cafe in Rockland trying to concentrate on all this work that needs to get done before I start shooting again and also trying to navigate my way around what to do with the kids this summer here. I concentrate much better at coffee shops. Even if the kids are not home (laughing and screaming at the top of their lungs alternately), I always get so distracted when I try to work there (dishes that must be washed, floors to be urgently cleaned, clutter that suddenly needs uncluttering after months of being so artfully piled).

I wish there was an online mom's group or something for midcoast Maine. I am currently posting all my questions about the area to mid-coast Message Board on Facebook. That is a great resource, but it would be nice to get to know some other moms around here.

For example, there are so many summer camps in Camden and Rockport. Which to choose?

I need to find a private middle school for my 10 year old, Elijah. Suggestions?

Where does a family go swimming in Camden? I hear the ocean around these parts is too cold:(

We have to furnish an entire house from scratch in a week. Were do we go?

I desperately need some mommy friends to help me navigate my way in the new land. Consider this my official advertisement. I will throw in awesome play date photos into any of our playdate. Inquire below.



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