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Superheros and Villains are the Best - Boulder Family Photographer

Being a photographer in Boulder is the best. Come on. Dark Vader? Yes please! I love the way so many parents in Boulder raise their children with so much imagination and joy. This photo makes me immensely happy. He is the cutest thing ever. For real. Little Dark Vader.

When we moved back to Boulder from Maine, I saw the differences in the ways that parents cared for and nurtured their children. As a photographer, I get a special peek into the world of other families.

In Boulder, parents are so aware of their children’s social dynamics, their health, their exposure to the arts (yes, Star Wars can be considered art:), everything.

We lived in a beautiful, picturesque village right on the ocean in Maine. But it was also the fetal alcohol syndrome capitol of the country, and my husband (a behavior analyst and neurofeedback therapist) worked with the most troubled kids (so maybe my perception is skewed just a bit), and it was very, very different from Boulder. Look at this love here. It makes my heart so happy to capture an image like this <3

And I connect with each family I photograph here in Boulder. Being a photographer isn’t just snapping pictures and saying good-bye. I get to be a part of their memories. The ones they cherish. The photos I take will be treasured for life.  But more than that, I am their photographer throughout the years, watching their little newborns grow into strong willed children or shy but brilliant teenagers. It is phenomenal. And I love my job.

This little boy was so full of joy and excitement and he was SO enthusiastic about the shoot. He especially wanted to show me the awesome trick he does where he magically turns into Superman. So my gift to you tonight is letting you see it, too:) Does he not fill your heart with happiness? And this was just a mini session. I wonder what else he would have thought up had he had more time. Spiderman? I would choose Captian Picard, but that’s a whole other part of my personality I will hold off on sharing for now (yes! I AM a Trekkie, so what? I am still a good photographer:)

Mini sessions are still on and going strong. I have done three a night for the last three nights, and then three more tomorrow! I have opened up a few new dates if you missed the first ones.  Here is all the info on the mini photography sessions, but do email me for more dates at

I am loving this warm weather, the beautiful greens and yellows all around Boulder, and being a photographer here. It is the best bc we have the best kids here, and we all know it;)



Stacey Potter is an award winning family photographer in Boulder, Co. To view her best work, please take a moment and look at her family portfolio here. To schedule a session, please contact 303.818.7757, or email Stacey directly at

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