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The Best Family Ever - Boulder Family Photographer

This is the best family ever. Well…each family I photograph is beautiful and special and quirky and awesome in their own way,  so I can’t say best family because they are all the best.  And as a photographer I see that. I see through my little eyepiece all the sweet, lovely, funny, gross, awkward, and beautiful things each family has that makes them unique. And that is what I strive as a photographer to capture.

Like this one, at the foothills in Boulder. I know this family by this photo. It is them, and I think other people can get a sense of what this wonderful family is like just by seeing this photo.

But I can also say this family is the best because I have known them for so long. Check out beautiful India when she was just a baby…

And now at age 7 with a new addition to the family!

There is something amazingly wonderful about watching a child grow up this way. Seeing them once or twice a year, or even every other year. I get to see them in spurts, compare the baby to the toddler to the kid to the tween. I haven’t gone much further than that bc I’m not that old. Yet.

But someday I may get the honor of doing her senior photos and that will be amazing. Her wedding, even. It is a beautiful thing.

Today she is playing with slinkies but it all goes by so fast.

Amelia (my daughter, 7) has changed so much just in this one year. Crushes on boys, trips to the grocery store with her best friend and no adult, sleepovers, and she will be doing her first sleepaway camp this summer. It goes by too fast when you’re living it, and that is bittersweet, but as a photographer it is the opposite. There is so much joy in seeing a child after a year. I see the striking differences, the unique personality traits that were just a wisp before but are now flamboyant and overt. 

This was a rainy night and no one wanted to go out and we spoke back and forth on the phone for an hour. “Should we chance the rain or shouldn’t we?”

May was filled with reschedules upon reschedules and I was BOOKED.

We chanced it and it ended up being so much fun and the colors were vivid and the kids were happy to be outside playing and not stuck inside anymore.

Rolling around in the grass the your little brother? Perfect memory.

Even this pose was authentic. These kids are the best <3

My May month of madness is now over and I am finishing up galleries (if your family is waiting on one it should be up in a day or two!) and my kids are in an awesome outdoor camp through the Boulder Rec department, so I finally have a few days to work.

I also just put up a new pop up window on my website, which you may have noticed when you reached this page. It is a free download for baby milestone cards.

What are baby milestone cards?

They are those sweet little printables that you see on social media in which you place the card next to your baby each month of their first year, or on the day they rolled over or sat up or walked, and take a photo. Download them and let me know what you think! It was the best thing I could think of to create that my clients would enjoy as well as the other photographers that come to my site. If you have other ideas of what kind of download YOU would like, please do let me know in the comments.

Photographers-I am also offering them for you to use as a gift for your own clients. They can be printed on card stock and wrapped with a ribbon or twine and are a sweet little gift to give to your clients with newborns. Now I’ll have to think up some for the whole family. “We hiked Chautauqua for the first time today!” “First camping trip!” “First airplane ride.” I think I am on to a sweet idea. Nobody steal it, ok?

Ok, I will be posting EVERY DAY for the next week since the children are in camp and I have actual, real, undisturbed work time. As opposed to, “MAMA!” every two minutes. Seriously. That is how is goes when I try to work at home with the kids home. I have at least 15 or 20 shoots to blog. I am so happy when I am writing every day, so here I go!



To book a session with award winning Boulder photographer, Stacey Potter, or to get more information on booking your own family photography session, please email or call 303.818.7757. To view her best family photographerwork, please click here.

Stacey works in Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, Westminster, Longmont, and surrounding Boulder/Denver areas. 

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