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The light in Boulder - Boulder Family Photographer

Here is what I love about being a family photographer in Boulder, Colorado:

*Being gifted as a photographer is by far the greatest thing I could have wished for (other than my own family, but that goes without saying, right?)

*Boulder families are cool. They are laid back, in love with life, always looking for unique ways to give back to the world, caring so deeply about their children and how they are being raised, giving them all the love in the world, and working hard to create the best childhood imaginable for them.

*Boulder is the most beautiful place in the world. Well, alright, I’ve been to some amazing places (Cinque Terre, Paris, Greece!), I still think Boulder is absolutely breathtaking and the light in Boulder is different than anywhere else, and I have shot in a LOT of different places. The light in Boulder is like magic, just before the sun goes behind the mountains for the day. And weather you are at the foothills or far away in Louisville, it is still spectacular.

*There are A LOT of really amazing photographers in Boulder. There are the best of the best, and them some just starting out, but overall Boulder has such an openness to art, it has attracted a lot of visually oriented people.

*In Boulder photographers are friends, not competitors. We form friendships that last lifetimes. I hope. I have even had clients start out just loving my photography, and then learning and becoming photographers themselves <#

*In Boulder I get to know my clients. They stick with me year after year, or sometimes I am with them through maternity to birth to newborn to 6 month to baby to family photos when their 13! Whew! And I get to know them and love them and be able to capture them perfectly in every photo because I care so deeply for them, having witnessed the joys of each milestone.

*Boulder just has really freaking cool people here.

So here are some light filled photos from Boulder. I think we were quite a bit out though, maybe in Lafayette? We did first Boulder Creek, by the library, and then did the whole family further east.

Anyways, talking about how Boulder clients are the best? After this shoot, when the beautiful mama was picking up her prints, she left me the most delicious empanadas I have ever had, plus a bag of the best yerba mate from her restaurant, Rincon Argentino. How incredibly awesome are they? So much love, this is another family I knew way back when:)

Stacey Potter is an award winning family photographer in Boulder, Co. To schedule an your own family portraits, or for more information, please contact Stacey at 303-8187757 or

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