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The Light in Maine - Boulder Family Photography

This photography session is one of my favorites since my family and I have been away from Boulder.

The light in Maine is so different than in Boulder. In Boulder, the sun is always warm and bright. The air is so thin there-it bends the light in different ways.

In Maine, we are near the ocean, the air is thick with moisture and the light from the sun falls through it differently. Softer and more dreamy. Like we are perpetually in a fog, and there is this feeling here of everyone being unsure of what they will encounter.

I love it. It speaks to my soul.

A woman contacted me about coming to her farm and doing some photos. She ended up being this amazing, strong, skilled, present, magical yoga-farmer-carpenter mama who was building an eco friendly shared community on this farm.


I had just come from Boulder and was missing my sweet little community there and here she was, doing all the same amazing things that my friends from Naropa and Boulder are doing. I spent an afternoon on her farm, learning about the incredible dream she was creating with the interns and other mothers that were living on the land. Healthy, organic food. Conscious family living. Natural parenting. Respect for the earth.

These are just a few of my favorite photos from that day. Her two year old son, Gillian, is this little being that is so present and quietly witnesses the dream that is being created all around him.

Stacey Potter Photography offers family, newborn, and baby photography in both Camden, Maine and Boulder, Colorado. To schedule your family session or for more information, please contact Stacey at 207.542.1565 (Maine) or 720.310.0336 (Boulder, CO).

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