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Baby Photographer in Boulder Colorado - Baby Indira

Baby photographer in Boulder, Colorado, baby photographer this and baby photographer that. I have written that 20 times in the last hour. Working on this new website is driving me absolutely nuts.  So please excuse the mess while I am redecorating. It truly is a huge feat to create a photography website on my own. I am not a web designer, I am a photographer. But, still, it is fun:) As a photographer I am all artist, and choosing colors and layouts and visually pleasing elements is a lot of fun. Kinda like choosing an outfit but better. But, oh baby, its a WHOLE lotta work.

We are all settled into grandma and grandpa’s house. The kid’s are being very spoiled here. And I am allowing it.

Amelia has already laid claim to half the toys that were bought

for the new grand baby (my brother’s new baby, Alexis, but they could not make the trip at the last minute). Her favorite is a teddy bear that repeats back to her what she says in a sweet, sing songy voice. Also on the list: antique toy truck, light up ball, baby blanket. We brought one suitcase to save some of the hassle of traveling (we are used to traveling with the kids and this is always the best way). So I have no idea how we are going to be bringing all the baby toys home.

Elijah was sick today:( He fell asleep on the sofa and while doing neurofeedback. I got some good photos of him and will post them when we get back and I have my photography computer (the laptop I am on is not a good one for a photographer-a new macbook pro is on my christmas list…).

So for now, here is a beautiful photo of baby Indira. I’ll post more photos of this baby, this was a sweet photography session and there are so many good photos it would be hard to pick one.



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