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Boulder Baby Photos - New Photography Website is Up!

My new Boulder baby photography website is up! My old website is dearly missed:) Everything is still a mess, and I am deciding between photos right now for my main header photo. I narrowed it down to about 20 photos, then ended up with these three photos from one of my baby shoots in Boulder a few years ago. One of my favorite family sessions:)

The light was stunning, the baby was so happy, and I love mama’s dress and hat. This was at Wonderland Lake in North Boulder, one of my favorite places for baby photos because the grass is so soft and the feeling there is just so peaceful and whimsical and lovely.

Wonderland Lake is a piece of land in Boulder (and there are many places like this here) that has a…quality. This land is special. It is like stepping into a piece of happy. If you could call it by a texture instead of a name it would be silky…or velvety…or soft. If it were a taste it would be sweet. If I had a wish and it had a fountain I would toss my penny there. It is the perfect place for baby photography.

I sometimes think that it can’t be real. Everyone there is so happy and content. They ride their bikes and walk their dogs and fish. The foothills are right there. So close. Like they are waiting for you to walk up to them and say hi.

Yes, this is my favorite place to shoot in Boulder.

So…which photo for the header?

This photo of beautiful baby Olivia:

Or the photo of baby and mama:

Or this last one of just baby alone:

I may just make the whole thing a slideshow and add ALL of my best photos to it…

Boulder baby photographer Stacey Potter is currently booking photo sessions for May of 2016 at Wonderland Lake. To schedule your baby’s session with Stacey Potter Photography, please contact or call 720-310-0336 or, for Maine photos, 207-542-1565.

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