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Newborn Twins - Boulder Baby Photography

I’ve been asked by Artful Mother magazine, a sweet little publication in Boulder, Colorado, to feature my photography in the upcoming issue on twins. I feel happy + honored that I was asked by a community of so many talented, amazing, beautiful artistic mothers to include my work.

It feels like a right of passage. And we have WAY too few of those in our culture. Especially for women and mothers. I love attending and being the photographer at the blessingways of my maternity and newborn clients. Blessingways are a big thing in Boulder so if you don’t know what they are google them and you will love the richness and meaning they hold.

So it’s late, and I want to say more as I search through my newborn twin photography on my hard drive. There is a lot to say about taking photos of twins and it is a really challenging experience for a photographer but so, so lovely.

I will say more tomorrow. I have a million photos I want to share and I think I even have a clip somewhere of me doing a newborn triplet photography shoot (that was so fun but REALLY hard). Lots of hands and feet all over the place.

For now, here is a photo from my second newborn twin session EVER. These babies are probably 7 years old now. It is beautiful and I love the connection that is so obviously apparent when I am photographing newborn twins.

xoxo stacey

Looking for a newborn twin photographer in Boulder, Colorado or Camden, Maine? Stacey Potter is a photographer specializing in newborn and baby photography and is known for her twin work. Please click here to see her full newborn portfolio. For more information on booking your newborn photography session, please call, (Maine) 207.542.1565 or (Boulder, CO) 720.310.0336

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