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The First 48 - Boulder Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is the sweetest, rawest, most tender experience I have as a photographer. And when the baby is only a day old, in the hospital, it is even sweeter.

Lately, I have seen that some photographers are calling this a “Fresh 48” session. I like that. An almost perfect name because everything is so new.

But I might call it “Magical 48” or “Enchanted 48” or “Unbelievable, Extraordinary, Yeah-This-Just-Really-Happened 48″.

Maybe I won’t name these newborn photography sessions in the hospital until after I experience whatever tremendous and awe-inspiring experience is taking place. They are all so different. Just like every birth is so different.

First yawn, first smile, first cry (and scream), first time dressing this new tiny body. Mama’s first time getting her little one dressed, or putting a hat on her.

Daddy’s first time soothing, or doing a diaper change, or just holding her and breathing in that new baby smell.

It is in those first 48 hours that your baby’s skin is still so pink and soft and wrinkly.

Your ears are taking in all the different sighs and coos and cries. You are learning everything you need to know about this new little being. Your eyes take in the shape of her lips and the curve of every little finger. You are learning a new kind of dance as you figure out how to breastfeed her.

And sometimes, as a photographer, I get to witness all of this.

I am so lucky. I get to be invited into this dreamlike world as a photographer The photos of my own babies in their first day are some of the ones I hold most dear. What are YOUR favorite memories from those first few hours?

Stacey Potter is a newborn photographer in both Camden, Maine and Boulder, Colorado. She offers newborn photography sessions in your home or at the hospital. Please be sure to call Stacey before your due date to discuss the types of photos you would like (in home or in the hospital) and to be sure she has availability for your due date month. To see more of her newborn photography, please see her photography portfolio. To discuss and schedule your newborn photography session, please call (Maine) 207.542.1565 or (Boulder, Colorado) 303.818.7757

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