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Why Triplet Newborn Photography is HARD - Boulder Photographer

Newborn triplet photography is REALLY hard.

Doing newborn photography of a single baby is difficult. It takes a TON of skill to get a newborn all curled up and calm in those squishy, sweet, dreamy newborn poses.

But triplets? OMG. I am SO glad that the first newborn photography session I had with triplets was with the coolest mom EVER.

These parents just rolled with the punches. They weren’t worried about getting the perfect photo. When I did this I was just starting out in photography, and felt that I had to somehow manage to get each newborn in the most peaceful and perfect pose together. But that is NOT what their life was about, at all. And so I worked with what I had and captured what was real.

The family was so laid back considering it was a day (and probably every day was like this for them) of one baby crying and being soothed, and then another one starting. Nursing (imagine nursing 3 babies!) and then never ending diaper changes!

As far as newborn photography goes, this is the mother of it all.

So many arms, legs, hands and little feet all constantly moving and flailing around. It took A LOT of time, an assistant, and a fellow photographer to help out to manage.

Looking back, at all the newborn photos I took in Boulder over the 7 years I was a photographer full time there, I have come to the conclusion that I want to move towards doing less posed and perfect photos of newborn + baby and more lifestyle. I love capturing the simple essence of who they are and what life is like at this moment in time. So, moving forward, I am going to continue to do the newborn on black background photo-that one is awesome because it is newborn-as-art. I’ll  still do all the squishy newborn-curled-up-and-sleeping photos, but only in their home, on their own beloved blankets and in their own family bed. And more lifestyle. More unposed holding, nursing, kissing, loving.

That magical feeling when your baby is finally fast asleep and everything feels like heaven? That. THAT is what my newborn photography is going to feel like for now on. And mixed in with it, every moment in between.

And here are a couple of short videos I recorded during this photography session.

And keep a look out for Artfull Mother Magazine in Boulder this month! They are having an issue on twins and I am the featured photographer.

xoxo stacey

Stacey Potter is a newborn photographer in Boulder, CO and Camden, Maine. To see her full newborn photography portfolio, click here. For more information on scheduling your newborn photos, please contact her at 207.542.1565 (Maine) or 720.310.0336 (Boulder, CO).

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