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Oh Baby - 10 Days New - Boulder Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer, it is never a *great* idea to do newborn photos in a *mini* photography session. Newborns are restless, hungry, they need to be changed and soothed and loved on to get sleepy and squishy and all curled up and peaceful.

That is why my normal newborn photography shoots are 3 hours. I come to your home, sit with you while you nurse, rock, and sooth your beautiful newborn baby. We turn the heat way up, even in the summer, so that your baby with stay nice and warm when we get him undressed, and nice and sleepy from the heat so he will stay asleep as I carefully place him into the sweetest positions.

But this newborn mini photography shoot? Awesome.

There was so so much joy and love and happiness with this family-tangible, like I could reach out and touch it. As a photographer, I do, in a way.

I get to capture these sweet moments, edit the photos to enhance the color, so you feel like you’re there, and then have them printed into beautiful, tangible things, like canvases and albums and story boards and prints and birth announcements and such..

This baby will never be this small and snuggly again. and cell phone pictures are not the same. At all. Not even a little.

As a photographer, I would say the two times in your life when you absolutely MUST get photos done by a professional photographer is when your baby is newborn, and when your baby is getting married. Those two events are two of the biggest in life, and having a photographer there to document it while you sit back and enjoy it is so important.

This sweet baby looks so much like my own two newborns (7 and 12 years ago, that is:), that I could not help but fall in love. And now I’ve got baby fever. Bad. I even asked my husband last night if we could talk about having another.

It is a big age gap-7 years. Amelia would actually be 8 if I do decide to have another. She is BEGGING for it. Everyday we conspire in whispers: “Did you talk to daddy yet?” she asks. “Not tonight, love, I have to time it perfectly.” She doesn’t understand why we don’t just do “it.” Because obviously the only time we ever do “it” is when we make a baby, right?

And by time it perfectly, I mean I have to be healthy-totally healthy and at a normal weight (I have crohn’s, ick, and am often much too thin), and we have to be financially secure. According to me, we are. According to my husband, who is putting in all of our money and ALL of his time into his new behavior analysis and neurofeedback center, we are not.

So, for now, I will enjoy other people’s newborn babies. I don’t mind.  But I also don’t want to wait. 37 is youngish in Boulder to have a third baby, but my doctor tells me it would be a Geriatric Pregnancy. Geriatric? It was absolutely a man who came up with that name. Ug. I’m not 72.

This family is so beautiful though. Their love for their newborn was like a haze around them. When we had Elijah (who is 12 now but looked so, so, so much like this little one), we walked-no, floated around for the first few months. It was heavenly.

With Amelia, not so much. Perfect love, yes. But colic got her and stole away my sleep, my brains, and my body. Not so heavenly.

Does she not look like the luckiest woman alive? I’m jealous. She must have some good karma to get light like this at her session. Like the sky opened to let the sun bless them. Sorry to be corny, but it’s true and I won’t retract that statement. Just look!

I still have a few mini session slots open but will stop booking them June 3rd, so if you would like to schedule one call me soon! Or email, or FB message me, or walk on over if you’re in South Boulder and we can chat about what you envision for your family photos.



ps. send my husband baby fever vibes or energy or prayers, whichever you prefer.

Stacey Potter is a newborn and baby photographer in Boulder, Co. She has won awards for her beautiful newborn photography and works in the Boulder/Denver area. To schedule your own newborn photography session, please contact her at 303.818.7757 or email

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