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Rock On {Boulder Co + Mid-Coast Maine Child Photographer}

Oh yes, Amelia. Take your sweet self and never lose it. This child is awesome to photograph for my story telling photography class. When she was just one year old I would catch her hiding in really obscure places eating stolen candy. When she was two, I turned my back on her for ONE MINUTE at Target only to turn around and find that her little toddler hands had ripped open a 20lb bag of sugar and were now shoving it by the handful into her mouth (how did she know it was sugar?). So it is pretty easy to just follow this child around and see what she gets into. Yesterday, I snapped a phone photo of her feeding the puppy cookies. Ugghh!

At 6 years old, however, her sneakiness is looking a little more mature. I was shopping for ice cream (mint chocolate chip, of course) and turned around to find her reading a rock magazine. An adult one at that. And no, she can barely read (though she can get through a chapter of Magic Treehouse on her own!!) So I think she was just looking at the photos. She loves fashion, music, anything pop. So different from my other child who loves classical and never eats dessert.

I had to take this photo for my children's story telling photography class, and it tells a mighty good story about Amelia. I love it. If only I could follow my clients' children around this way all day to capture the perfect image for them. Wait-why can't I? I bet other mothers would love a little grocery-shopping-photo-shoot? I know I am right in saying that one day grocery shopping with our kids will take up a lot of memory space. And seriously, who wouldn't love the middle of the grocery store tantrum of their children as a photo on their wall? I love all the moments (not while they are actually happening but when they are peacefully sleeping right next to me while I blog, I do).


Thinking about the Boulder trip+my 2 children+two airplane rides. Like the grocery store-is 10 hours of travel a sweet frustration I will cherish later or an avoidable event? Still on the fence.

xoxo stacey

Stacey Potter is a children's photographer in Mid-Coast Maine and travels frequently back to her hometown of Boulder, Colorado and annually to San Francisco to share her unique family photography style. Please contact her at for more info

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