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Traveling Home {Camden, Maine Newborn Photographer}

Hello! This is my first post. Ever. On this blog, that is. I did have a blog I wrote almost daily on for years. I posted photos everyday of all the wonderful families I used to photograph in Colorado. But...sadly, it crashed, and was lost. But it is about time to start fresh!

I am sitting in Boston Logan International Airport. I have had a very long long long trip, but it has actually been lovely. I met a few people, flew over the earth and up through the clouds. I am still in total wonder at seeing humanity from this viewpoint. We are so neat and organized as a species. Everything is perfectly in line-the roads, the circular farms-how do we do that?!! And what I want to know even more than that is: why isn't everyone on the plane looking out the window and gasping in delight at the site of our lives scrawled across the earth?

I don't know. I think everyone should be cheering every time we float past a big cumulus cloud, but that's me. Oh, and the little boy next to me.

It was his first time on a plane. He sat there, hands held very still in his lab, jaw dropped right open. His eyes were so big. I quickly offered him my seat. It was going to be a much better trip watching him. Who needs the view anyways?

When we got past the city and were way up over the clouds, he turned to his mother and whispered, "Mama, you didn't tell me we would get to see heaven on the way to Grandma's and Grandpa's."

Yep. Lovely trip.

I got to do some photo shoots and I stomped around Boulder on foot and on bike and on bus. I'll save more for another post. Right now, I am jumping on a bus that takes roughly FIVE HOURS to get to Camden.

xoxo stacey

And just so you know, ALL of my blog posts require at least one photo, so here is one sweet little picture of newborn Trea.

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