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Two Minute Photo Shoot - Boulder Children's Photographer

Oh Amelia. On some days you drive me totally insane with your thrashing about in a fit on the sofa because your violin practice is frustrating you or because I took a bath without you or I made you eggs for breakfast instead of cold cereal.

Other days, like today, you are simply magnificent and creative and you brush away all the muck from my eyes.

You spoke to my very (photographer) soul when you said “Mama, let’s do a quick two minute photo shoot in the backyard with this very special thing I have.”

Two minute photo shoot request from my child who is awfully tired of having a photographer as a mother her whole life?

Yes, please.

“What is it you have, my love?” I asked.

And off you ran.

The photos were so sweet. You went to the very spot in the yard that was most perfect for photos. You held whatever was in your hands by your heart while I adjusted my camera settings.

Then you turned away from me for a moment (did you put something in your mouth?) and turned back quickly with a new and interesting smile.

You looked up at me and smiled and said:

“It’s candy, mama, I found it in the street in front of our house.”


Yuck. But…

Go ahead my love, eat candy off the dirty street if it means I get to do some beautiful photography of you.

I love this new concept you came up with. “Two Minute Photo Shoot.”

This sounds like a very, very good idea to me.

I thought first about putting this on your weekly chore list. But if it became a chore then photography would become awful to you, right?

So, I am going to make this some kind of reward for good behavior (your daddy IS a behavioral analyst, after all). You’ll get to create a 2 minute photo shoot that YOU are in charge of. Clothing, props, location. Its all you.

If you choose to put on a pretty white linen dress and frolic through the brush in the backyard, fine. Lovely.

Decorate yourself with Christmas tree ornaments and string lights? Yes.

Put on your snorkeling gear and plug your nose and jump off the roof? That would be awesome. (Our roof is not that high.)

You and your brother will compete for the best photo of the week. I will post the images to FB and let all of our friends + family decide whose was the most creative.

Winner will receive the privilege of choosing the movie AND dessert on pizza and a movie night, may it be Star Trek + chocolate milk or The Secret Garden + ice cream with chocolate syrup and Skittles sprinkled on top.

Maybe just a few of my photographer friends will join me in this. Then we can pool all the children’s photos, and whoever wins among the lot will get a bigger prize. (message me on FB if you would like to do this, my dear photag friends)

This is not an ingenious way for me to get amazingly creative + authentic + original photos of you, my love. No, not at all. It is purely for your own fun and enjoyment. Really.



Stacey Potter is a children’s photographer in Boulder, CO and Camden, ME. Her children’s photography portfolio can be found here. If you are interested in booking a photography session in either locations, please call (Camden) 207.542.1565 or (Boulder) 720.310.0336.

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