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A Mouse. Oh My. - Boulder, Co Family Photographer

try to make my children’s lives magical. I do. Just moving back to Boulder felt like placing them into an enchanted snowglobe and shaking it up.

I take them on whimsical walks where we bump into horses.

I also made sure we live in a neighborhood in Boulder where we may or may not bump into horses as well:

I create amazing stuffed animals from just felt and a needle right before their eyes, I go on hunts for minpins and other tiny woodland creatures. I once even got a photo of the tooth fairy flying over my sleeping son.

But I am DONE with the live animals as birthday presents. Holy cow. For Amelia’s 6th birthday, I got Jupiter, our beautiful and sweet (but now HUGE) Saint Bernard puppy. We have had (as requested): lizards of all shapes and kind, kittens, two mice eaten by those kittens, two hamsters, and maybe a triop once.

We now live in a tiny south Boulder home. The amount of hair I vacuum up each day is unreasonable. And scary.

So meet Coconut. Maybe, probably, most unlikely our last pet.

And I just want to be super honest here. I am writing this on a Friday night after we just spent 4 hours watching our cat give birth to 7 kittens. So I now am the guardian of 7 MORE tiny creatures for the next 8 weeks. In my tiny south Boulder home with my family of four. Please come back to my blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see the images of these sweet little animals. I am not sad about the opportunity to have kittens. No, that is the best part for me as a photographer:) BUT, once they get to be 4 weeks and are scurrying back and forth across the house as the big puppy chases them (playfully) it may start to me too much. If you are in Boulder and want to bring your little ones over to meet them, please email me-I would be happy to! And then, maybe-just maybe-you’ll fall in love and take one home.



Stacey Potter Photography was established in Boulder, Co in 2008. Stacey does family photography in Boulder, Maine, and San Francisco . To schedule a session for your family, or for more info, please contact or call 303.818.7757

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