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Boulder Family Photographer - Giving Thanks

Giving thanks today. I am with my family for Thanksgiving. My dad is sick and I am so grateful to be here with him laughing. talking, joking around. Just being together. Watching him watching my baby, Amelia, do hand stands and cartwheels. It makes him so happy to watch Elijah mastering my dad’s remote control helicopter. So good to see my dad happy

I am grateful to be here to take photos of him with my children. It is my dad’s birthday today as well. So it was a good day with birthday cake and presents and turkey (I am a vegetarian but the mashed potatoes were excellent).

My parents hate photos but know how much being the family photographer means to me. So I snapped away. My mom usually hides from getting her photo taken by anyone with a phone, but for me she allows it-every once in awhile. I got photos of my dad doing everything.

Overall, it was a good day.

I am grateful for:

Amelia’s vibrant personality and her bright eyes that are drinking in the world around her. Her contagious laughter.

Elijah’s unique way of seeing the world through music and mathematics and art-and the lyrical way he describes it to me.

Adam’s one pointed determination to figure out how we can alleviate suffering in the world by understanding the brain and pairing that knowledge with technology (aka neurofeedback).

My mom’s overwhelming love for the children and my family and her obsessive need to spoil and feed and make sure we are not without. Ever.

My dad’s kindness and goodness and hard work and funny weird 1st of April kinda humor.

So happy Thanksgiving to all. Here is a photo of MY family. Taken by Emily Elizabeth (a very talented wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado)



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