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Sweet Love {Rockport Children's Photography}

I guess I have not quite jumped right in to this whole being-a -photographer-in-Maine thing yet. I moved SO much in my twenties, that I thought it would not phase me to pack the kids up and move to Maine. It has been A LOT of work, though. Much more than I expected. Old, creaky bones now, you know. But, after a long summer of settling in the new house, traveling, and lounging at the beach, I am finally ready to go! My goal is to blog once a day for a month. We shall see.

Anyways, I got ONE chance of snapping a photo of these two sweethearts as they were running wild tonight. They would not slow down. Amelia, as you can see, is desperately in love with this little boy. He is totally oblivious to this, of course, but she is relentless in her pursuit.



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