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The Sad Violinist {Camden Family Photographer}

Ooooh! We are moving! This whole weekend was supposed to be about packing, but ended up being just one after another of little family excursions.

We went hunting for furniture for the new house, we saw Jurassic World (which I do not recommend unless you want to PAY to see a Mercedes commercial-a really cool Mercedes commercial with super special effects, but still a Mercedes commercial). And don't take your 5 year old, no matter how much she begs because it is too scary and you'll have to step out halfway through and go play fairies in the grass outside for an hour. We walked to the harbor for ice cream, bbqed, played ladder golf, jammed out to Dave Matthews and Kanye, went to the beach and paddle boarded, went to the PAWS adoption center in Camden and almost got a sweet little beagle mix, but packed? Not really.

Here is one of sweet Elijah, who tonight was very sad for the fun weekend to be over but even more sad that his 5 year old sister chose the same instrument as him and was stealing all the attention inside the house. So he came out on the back porch to practice on his own. The role of "Sad Violinist" looks pretty good on him. I will, however, try and get a happy one this week, because he is usually happy or at least very serious when playing. Off to pack now!...maybe. Or watch the new season of Orange is the New Black.

xoxo stacey

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