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Things I lost in the fire - Boulder Family Photos

I have had the most incredible week. I went through EVERY SINGLE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY session I have ever done. Well, almost. Some are missing:( Lots, actually. But I still had tens of thousands of edited photos to go through. My own family photos included.

This hard drive is my little miracle. When I was sick for those three years, I lost so much:

I lost my blog. I never archived it. So I lost all the daily little posts I wrote about Elijah + our amazing little Boulder family life from before Amelia was even born until she was two or so. This was the hardest thing to get over.

I also lost my awesome url that had so many countless quality links to it from websites in which I wrote articles about photography. This was easier to get over, it was just Boulder Baby Photography. It didn’t define my business very well anyways. I am more a photographer of love and joy and I shoot all over the country, anyways. If I had owned and lost that url I might grieve more, but I am moving on.

I lost my camera + lenses in our move cross country. Adam swore he packed all my photography gear. We don’t know what happened. We did this conscious declutter-donate-everything-we-own purge when we moved. We sorted through our full house in Boulder and packed only a small trailer for the move. Only our most essential items, like photos and special books came with us. Saver’s or Good Will must have gotten a REALLY nice surprise that day. This was big as far as $$$$$ but the least awful thing to lose.

My hard drive crashed and was recovered to a new drive THREE times. And I still have the photos. That is just awesome.

My illness was like a fire.

It was devastating.

What would I choose to save in a fire?

People, pets, photos, and my hard drive (photos again) . In that exact order.

And that is what WAS saved.

Blessed, lucky, happy, grateful, relieved, contented.

What would YOU save in the fire?

I have only gone through my client family photography sessions so far. I have yet to sort through the many, many photos I have of my own family. I will post those this winter in a slideshow. Here are just a few of the photos I found of my own family. Priceless. Even just these few.

Stacey Potter is a family photographer in Boulder, Colorado and Camden, Maine. To see many more examples of the types of family photos, she takes, please see her portfolio. For more information on booking your family photography session, please call (Maine) 207.542.1565 or (Boulder) 720.310.0336

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