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Why my Family Rocks {Boulder, Co Photographer}

Our family has been traveling for 11 hours hours now, and I am happy to say that our family traveling day has been absolutely smooth and happy and free of any little fights or disagreements between the children.

We started in Camden, Maine at 8:30am. Dropped Jupiter off (our new puppy) with the lovely family that owns his brother (yes, we found one of his litter brothers randomly one day and they are besties!).  This family lives on the most beautiful farm in Rockport and we know how much love he will get there this week.

We drove all the way to Boston to fly to New York City to then wait and fly to Tennessee.  We are just about done with this leg of the journey and I am writing this mid-air (wi-fi in the sky now!).

Elijah happily spent the day on his new laptop-turn-tablet that he bought with his own earned money this week. Amelia just took everything in. She people watched, she made friends at both airports and she let me take bunches of photos of her during our layover (the photographer in me was very happy!). The children didn’t fight. Not once. It was heaven.

Elijah and Amelia are now watching The Sound of Music. Every now and then I glace over at them and Elijah is happily tapping his foot to what looks like the beat of These are a Few of my Favorite Things and Amelia is trying hard to snuggle up into Elijah’s lap. All is well in the world.

Here’s a sweet photo of baby Mahlia. Love little baby chubby cheeks.

Only two more hours to drive and we’ll be ready to pass out at Grandma + Grandpa’s lake house.



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